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Contemporary Spirituality, Contemporary Art’ is a fresh critical analysis on the meeting point of modern day Spirituality and Art. A sharp evaluation that sheds light on the great weakness these two worlds shares and the significant roles they can, and are to, play in modern times.

What is the spiritual lie and how can art be used as a gift of divine truth? Learning to recognize the shallowness and falseness of so-called spirituality and the fake art-world that we live in, helps us to discriminate between the real and illusion. Enabling us to see the right direction through which we can truly grow and apply our creative passion for the highest goal. Beauty and harmony, pure shapes, colors, sounds, deep longing and real internal search come together in a uncompromising text and bold realizations.

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“Thank you Mochita for sharing your deep views, you have helped me see with clarity that which I see all around me. You words have lead me to acknowledge the connection between Art and Spirituality, what that connection can and longs to actually be.” Rebecca Jason, USA


From the book:

“In its pure form, Art is a personified search for meaning, the living moment of longing to connect to ourselves, not to our personality, not to our past or to who we imagine ourselves to be, but rather to that divine potential which sprung out of the root of creative inspiration and source of beauty. Without this goal, without this aim, this dialog and craving, there is no Art. For art to be Art, the artist must have a constant communication with its own creator, the creator of creativity and harmony, the real Creator that works through us.

Without that connection to the Creator, any expression of creativity is nothing more than an expression of ego trying to give rise and justify its own insignificant existence.

While personality and ego do have their important roles to play in our lives and even, to a limited extent, in our artwork, their roles are subject to a higher and more real source which is independent from the mind and personality. That source must not only set the tone, but actually run the show.”

The book concludes with an inspiring collection of real contemporary
artwork of beautiful pioneer artiest from around the world.


“While so much has been stated here regarding the shallowness and ego filled modern art and artist, a pessimistic approach may be mistakenly perceived. Let us fill our hearts with inspiration and shedding light on the dark lies to make a change and grow inner honesty and sincere maturity. Allowing creativity to touch and open our hearts must be made with the right intention, in an attempt to connect to harmony and empower our beauty.”

“Looking, touching, material, place and form are all inseparable from the resulting work. It is difficult to say where one stops and another begins.”

Andy Goldsworthy


The book is filled with important, interesting and breathtaking images of artworks from around the world including the work of: Nils-Udo , Andy Goldsworthy, Patrick Dougherty, El Anatsui, Kawakami Tomoko, Ju Ju Wilson, John Mawurndjul, Martin Hill, Trevor Leat and Elora Hardy. Book Cover Image: Sculpture by Graham Murdoch Robertson.


“A refreshing, honest and even cheeky investigation into our modern world – art and design meet spiritual communities. A fascinating and unexpected mix of these two world and unexpected conclusions.” Lisa Thomas, USA


Currently at an introductory price of $19.90

The book is only available in digital copy.

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