Natural Materials & Colors

Working with real live materials and colors

It is important to clarify and understand the importance of working with natural materials as well as natural colors in a Meditative Art practice. “Creating with natural materials deepens the artistic experience and the effect it has on the practitioner. Working with natural materials can include painting with natural colors, with the use of wooden paintbrushes with natural hair, sketching with charcoal, sculpting with mud, stone, bamboo, wool, dry flowers and silk ribbons.

Changing the materials we use to natural ones may mean we’ll need to investigate where to get such materials, how to use them, and even how to make them. Natural materials also have different qualities from synthetic materials; they may have shorter life duration or require some maintenance.

Recognizing these and other such differences, we may discover the need to change our way of thought and our expectations with reference to our artwork.

The advantages of using natural materials are many; beyond the scope of our personal health, the beauty that will be reflected in our artwork and our personal experience. Through the work we are connecting to that which is real and living. Furthermore, as we cultivate our real relationship with nature through our creative expression, this positive change will grow and expand into other fields of life.


Decorating Nature

When we look with reverence at nature – the master of perfect balance and the source of all beauty – what could any artist possibly contribute? How could we even dare to create? And yet, the thirst, the desire and longing tickles us from inside.

In an attempt to join in on the magnificent creation, we must learn to create with awareness, rather than to impose ourselves on the artwork and our artwork on the surroundings.

An artwork can be seen as a decoration or ornament for nature. Similar to a piece of jewelry on a beautiful woman, it should not try to compete or steal the show, but rather, glorify or draw special attention to her, and enrich the beauty that is there already.

Keeping this in mind, we search and practically investigate how we can decorate and adore nature.”

Text from the book: Meditative Art – Theory & Practice

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