Being Creative

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Being Creative, and even the simple term creativity, particularly to those who have a self-image of themselves as “artists”, can be an issue worth discussing and...

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So-called spirituality, so-called art

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Modern art, modern spirituality… In the past few decades I have witnessed the field of spirituality move quite rapidly, from the extreme razor sharp edges of society to the comfortable shallow...

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Energy and Art

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What is energy? Energy is one of those popular words that can mean anything and everything, a word people like to use since it sounds deep yet remains abstractic, and it can be said without really...

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1 reason to Meditate 

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You don’t need to read 7 reasons why it’s good for artists to meditate, you don’t need to learn 4 new ways to free your creativity, to checkout 10 fascinating tools to find stillness, or...

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Spiritual Maturity

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We want to be calmer, to be happier, wiser, more clear and sharp, more in-tune and in harmony with life and with our true needs and wishes. We aspire to be more healthy and energetic, to be at peace...

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