Why is it so hard to meditate?

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We make time, put away the world, we sit, take a deep breath, close our eyes, and then we are confronted with ourselves. In that darkness and motionlessness, we have the opportunity to...

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Growing from sickness

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Sickness is not a warzone, we do not survive a disease, nor are they our enemy. Sickness is an indication that something is wrong in our body, it is a calling, a message from our body asking for...

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Widening our range of experiences

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If we long to live a richer, fuller life, we may tent to romanticize this idea in all kind of self-manipulating ways. If we feel frustrated for not manifesting such a life, we may blame others,...

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Keep your practice pure

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Keeping yoga pure. It’s much easier to get things dirty then to clean them. It’s so much more challenging to find and maintain quietness and stillness, yet so effortlessly it can be...

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All art is quite useless, Oscar Wilde

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The preface to the novel – The picture of Dorian Gray (1891) Most likely, those familiar with Oscar Wilde’s writing style and personal character, will not be surprised to read his preface...

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