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Connecting to Fire through Meditative Art Art and Fire are very close friends. The classical artist character is a real “Fire creature,” always dramatic, loud and noticeable, dazzled by...

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The 5 Elements & Meditative Art

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Working with the primal Elements The basic five elements which make up this manifested world are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Each of the elements has a unique essence – a combination of set...

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Light vs. Darkness

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Many people that create do so to express negative emotions, frustrations, depression and pessimistic thoughts, using art as a refuge to let loose dark secrets, guilt and endless fears. Art is also...

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Femininity & Meditative Art

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As women, we can use the tool of art, and particularity Meditative Art, as a helpful means to create harmony within ourselves. Meditative Art is a spiritual practice. It is making use of a creative...

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Natural Materials & Colors

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Working with real live materials and colors It is important to clarify and understand the importance of working with natural materials as well as natural colors in a Meditative Art practice....

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