Vaginal steaming- good or bad?

If you somehow missed out on the popularized hype and concept of Vaginal Steaming, here is a very short summery – placing a source of steam directed at you r feminine sexual parts for health benefits. This practice is known as Vaginal steaming.

Technical terminology

First of all technical terminology: the term Vagina refers to the inner part of the feminine sexual organ, while the practice of Vaginal steaming it actually done on the outer part – which is called the vulva. While some steam can sneak in to the more internal part, naturally, it is the outer part that is most effected.

So while popularly we may say a vagina, and commonly the vagina is the term used for the sexual organ as a whole – both the inside and the outer part of a woman’s sexual area, anatomically the part that is steamed, is in fact the valve.

New, sexy, hype.

Now, with regards to the so-called new, expansive, trendy or glamorous hype association of vaginal steaming, let us just clarify – steam is not a new technology, nor is it expensive or complicated.

By far, most Scandinavian grow up with saunas being an integral part of their normal lives and most likely a part of their homes.

Enjoying (or just experiencing) a steam on one’s skin is nothing fancy, it’s just like water, only in a different format. Some people love the feeling of a sauna, other can find it a bit uncomfortable, even feel intimidated or claustrophobic about it. That is about that. Not much more.

In terms of health or wellness benefits – this can be debatable. As we have cultures that have been using saunas for centuries it seems reasonable to find practical results of its effects. Both, short term as well as long term effects.

In terms of history, it is clear, and natural that steam has been a traditional practices in many parts of the world, just as hydro/ water therapy. People use what they have, and try to find ways to feel better. Water and steam naturally have been part of this since time immemorial.

If you have ever been in a sauna, you know the feeling. If you own a Vulva you may have opened your legs in the sauna and experienced steam upon that area. While this would be less direct then placing your body straight above the steam source, it is not a completely different experience.

You can feel it directly – if you have a pot or bucket you can fill it with very hot water and sit above it, getting the steam going directly above – it’s really not complicated, just be careful not to burn yourself.

You can add some herbs to the water, and make the seat more comfortable in different ways but that is really all it is – simple steam.

Packaging doesn’t change the essence

So, now that we have explained how humble, and not new this whole concept is – you hopefully can start to see why it seems rather silly to go into calling this an expansive, new, hype of wellness.

The fact that some celebs have been promoting it and / or charging a lot of money for it, doesn’t change anything. In the effort to market and sell, taking something as simple as that and tagging it with some kind rich modern aroma is just glimmer. This in itself doesn’t make this practice good or bad, valuable and healthy or alternatively harmful.

You can charge as much as you want for a shower.. but its still hot water.

The publicity of vaginal stemming, with or without natural organic herbs, and with or without Instagarm photos and promotion of famous models, doesn’t change the essence of it one bit… – it is still just as simple as just that – steamed directed at your sexual feminine parts.

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