Feminine Muscles 2

(*This post is a continuation of the previous post – Feminine Muscles 1)

Most women are aware of the concept of Kegel muscles and Kegel practices, and while they are not very clear about it it all they have heard of it.


The Kegel thing

So we all kind of know about the Kegel thing, that there was thing doctor that invented some exercise back in the 50s and these are helpful to women that have problems. This is general common knowledge and the info goes up until – squeeze like your trying to stop your pee and try to remember to do this from time to time, like when you’re waiting at the stop lights or at a café.

So much for common knowledge. This common knowledge, is common, limited and it is so loosely related to the facts that it is wrong

Yes, indeed Dr Arnold Kegel did indeed invent a way to not only to measure and strengthen feminine intimate muscles, however his exercises we not about holding your pee or anything like that.

Dr Kegel as well as to monitor and get feedback about a women’s progress. He used tools and measurement and had amazing results. His methods used various steps as well as a resistance device – just like the use of resistance when working out other muscles for instance with weights or with a stretch band or even with our own body weight, as in push us.

His exercises also relied on the use of a biofeedback of measurements by which both physician and patient can observe the progress. While for one single time, she can try and stop their urine to help her to understand which direction to start working this is by no means the exercise or a way to practice. It really only even give one a very basic understand of the very vast range of inner muscles that are involved in real proper work.

His work was fully based upon a measurement tool as well as the the device inserted into vegan to help activate the muscles to give something to work with and by which the exercise is done. Without both of these there is no real Kegel exercise.

Pee at peace (!) and do your proper exercise

Kegel exercise and any exercise that targets to strengthen the intimate feminine muscles are much more the single part that is related to releasing urine. There is a whole range of muscles that go from the very end of the opening and up until the cervix. The supportive muscles of the perineum, buttocks and even belly are connected. But just like knowing how to make the work together we should also develop the ability to work them separately and independently.

The inner muscles are somewhat harder to relate to and work, as they are not visible to us and can be challenging to feel them, relate to them as well as create resistance and ways of measurement with activating them.

Time to get to work

While many of us felt perfectly content to squeeze our “stop the pee” muscle from time to time waiting in traffic or during a boring conversation this is not a way to strengthen our intimate muscles. It’s just as good as holding our belly in for a few moment now and then when we look at the mirror and thing this is how we are going to create change in our abdominal muscles.

It time to get some real understanding, correct guidance and well as supportive tools for making our effort efficient. Just like we can easily learn how to perform abdominal muscles and if we care enough we will practice it, even more so with relation to our inner feminine parts. These areas are even harder to relate to and are not so openly discussed. We pretty much only talk about them or address them when something is already not perfectly strong. And by that time some problems have already developed.

It is astonishing to grasp that most woman have no relation to most of their inner parts and do not know how to activate them for her own health as well as sexual pleasure for her and her partner.

I can go into greater details about the different kind of tools that are out there – such as jade egg or silicon balls, and we can discuss their individual benefits. However, the more important point I hope to make for the moment is: 1. we have (most of us) are holding misinformation about what is actually correct way to work out our inner muscles. And 2. It’s not so critical which device you use: be it balls of 100% body grade silicon, natural round precious gem stone, real nephrite jade egg, …etc. In all cases – whether it comes from a factory or the beach – you must do some research no how to properly clean it first (and between each practice) as well as learn how to work with it correctly to make sure you don’t injury yourself and get effective results.

While some research is needed it’s not rocket science ! And just like carng for our oral hygiene, we too must learn how to care, tone and maintain this area healthy, for our own wellbeing. The fun results are a great incentive to get you to keep working at it!

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