Feminine Muscles 1

All the muscles in our body need to be trained and toned, without strengthening them, they become weak. Our intimate sexual muscles are no exception. Toning these muscles might seem not as easy and rather mysterious. Further more, with regards to other muscles we might know about the importance of muscle resistance, and might be wondering how to apply the same principle to our inner feminine muscles as well.

So let’s dive into it all.

Honestly, I really don’t know how many women (or men, for that matter) know about what is known as  “Kegel Balls”, “Yoni Egg”, “Ben Wa Balls” or “Pleasure Pods”. While I have seen there are many (many advertisers) who have discussed this on the internet, I do wonder if this is common knowledge in anyway.

Yoni eggs / Ben Wa Balls and their modern sisters the Kegel balls or Pleasure Pods, as well as all other intimate facilitating round shaped are all devices made to assist women to keep their inner feminine muscles in great shape, in good health, tonus, strength and aliveness. Before discussing the differences between these tools, let us first understand what it is they all aim at.

But what about Kegel’s? – I hear you say, and do we even really need any helpful devise at all ? – I will get into all of this later. Firstly, let us clarify a few primary matters.


Strength vs. Tightness

It is important to clearly note, right at the very start of this discussion the great difference between Strength and tightness. The difference between the two is not only significant with regard to this very matter but in general. How many times do we long to be strong and end up tight? In conversation, in relationships with a dear ones, facing authority and with our own body? Going for a workout and ending up sore and tense?

Our vaginal are not meant to be tense, they are meant to be strong, firm yet flexible and open, to be held together but not tight. Clarifying the difference is not merely a play of words but critical understanding.



Furthermore, it is equally important to note the difference between working a muscle and maintain in tone. The best example I know to portray this idea is with regard to a sitting meditation posture. When I sit meditation my body is straight, it is strong, firmly held and yet very relaxed. I do not hold my back stiff, and do not tense my belly or hold my breath. There is a gentle “keeping it together” that the posture requires, but that goes with flow and openness. Unlike resting on a couch or laying on bed or on a hammock, the meditation seat is strong but soft. This may seems like contradiction but please note the opposite of strong is weak and the opposite of soft is hard.

When we walk, or stand for instance, we also must keep a basic tonus holding the body together. This is natural and even unnoticeable. However, so many people if you look carefully are lacking good, strong toning ability. It is crucial not only on an aesthetic level but from a health point of view to have a good tone within our outer and body, and our female organs, of course, as part of it.


As we might have notices, ALL the muscles in our body – without putting them to work, without strengthening them, weaken – this is just how it is.  In addition to that many women’s bodies have gone through extensive effort through vaginal child labor /s .

And even if we put the child birth thing a side, even very youth healthy women report that they can have uncomfortable moment of some pee leaks unexpectedly, when laughing or sneezing or something of that kind. Moreover, right about everyone would love to have more pleasure – and healthy toned sexual organs are a crucial part of that..!


With Love

With love, attention, care, gentle work, sensitivity and dedication any women can improve her current condition of her vaginal macules. Just like anything else!


Yoni Egg, Jade egg, Kegal balls and more

I do not particularly like the term Yoni Egg, while I perfectly understand the choice to use it, I do see is can be limiting in many ways. Yoni is a Sanskrit term for ‘sacred space’, and it is also the term used for the female sexual organ. While for many women the eastern traditional aroma of the term Yoni, may be very appealing and intriguing, for many others it is a serious turn off.

While lots of wisdom can be learned from our past, much ignorance too was there. Looking forward and tending to scientifically approved and manmade / factory made products might be exactly what would lead other women to look for something modern. For many the past is associate with much negativity such as patriarchal cultures, lack of hygienic and old-fashion ways of the past.

And whatever kind of women she (you?) may be – they ALL need to tone their inner feminine muscles to be a health vibrant women that is full of life.

It is not so important what is used to keep your body healthy; some enjoy gentle slow Yoga, some are just in love with focused Pilates practice or unrestricted dance. And yet for others these moments seem boring and they long for a more powerful weights lifting or sweaty gymnastic workout – great! Luckily we can all choose and do whatever we want.

Rather than arguing what is better to do yoga on the beach or go to the gym for weightlifting, it would be much more benefic to discuss how to practice safely and yet efficiently– whichever is your chosen kind of practice.

In all this, understating the importing of working our body and finding our preferred kind of workout – let us please not forget or neglect our inner vaginal muscular toning which play such a significant part in our everyday life.

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