Sky falls

-A stream of words on connecting to meditative art in unusual times.

As the outer sky seems to be falling; when our life is challenged, whether it’s personal or universal; whenever there is an earthquake, our need to find our inner stability, our inner safe island is so much stronger.

Remembering, that which we have dedicated our lives to, the purpose of being here in this world, staying with our core, focused on our inner goal, and keeping our attention on where we are headed within ourselves; this is a time to test that which we face on any day, but even more so, when ‘normal’ is no longer normal.

Life is a never-ending flow of change and if we don’t learn to flow, we – like any body of water, will start to stink.

We must learn to utilize any change we come face-to-face with, particularly when it is beyond our control.

I find it easiest to cultivate my inner rock within my creative expression, and apply it to withdraw inwards.


In war time – we paint

As the first spring buds of roses in my lovely gardens start to blossom, they manifest true wonder, they are mesmerizing. Such brilliant colors, such elegance, graceful shape, such femininity, gentleness and charm. They are such a symbol of pure joyful living and absolute splendor.

I prepare to create with delight, and day by day, moment to moment in front of my eyes, the flowers open, and open, and then slowly wither away. They are my inspiration, my muse.

Nature is one of the greatest muses. Always has been.

I attempt to express its glamour as a prayer, as a meditation, as a reflection of beauty and all they is divine through painting.

The process of paining takes my breath away.

More than any particular painting, it is the process itself that I love, that captivates me. It lures me time and time again to come before a new canvas in a humbling attempt to create.

At first, I simply stand, in owe, in front of the blank canvas.

Big, open and empty; we look at each other in silence.

I prepare my sacred space. Starting from the surrounding, moving away objects that be disturbing, putting away sensitive items, protecting the floor and furniture.

I choose my clothes, as a priest before going to perform a holy service. I tie back my hair and arrange my supportive music, the lights, and inspiring smells suitable for the ritual.

Next, I bring out my sacred object of worship, my paintbrushes, and my beloved paints. Arranging these precious items in this unique time such as this isolated period, when all art shops are closed, I take even more care, and deeply appreciate these special tools, knowing it will be very challenging to get new supplies nowadays.

My love for these dear friends of mine, these magical object that allow me to connect to color and rediscover shades, fills my heart. I do realize, my treasurable white color,.. will run out…


When lacking space – write

Sometimes in challenging times we may feel claustrophobic, this may be due to external circumstances, but not necessity .

Creative writing enables us to mysteriously create space, an inner world.

This space, which is not really clear exactly where it is, actually exists, and we can feel it surrounding us as it comes into life through our creation. Giving birth to the space with our expression has the potential to enrich our limited experience of space and allows us to travel through space easily.

Space, is sacred, it is so very exquisite, it is priceless and we can provide it for ourselves. That is a very comforting ability.


When frustrated- dance

Moving the body with ease and joy can uplift, rejuvenate and energize. Letting go of tension and discomfort, frustration and feeling stuck, we can express and expand our freedom within a limited space, within our own limited form.

Moving to a tune that inspires us, feeling the beat, connecting to tempo, feeling comfortable within our body and discovering new moves. Stretching, squeezing, kicking, twisting, bending, releasing tightness and stiffness, shaking, bouncing, embracing. Flapping our wings, jumping about, touching and reaching out. Feeling our own hearth beat, our skin, feeling alive.


When feeling lonely – sing

Our very own voice can provide for us the empathy and care we may long for when feeling isolated and disconnected.

That basic and natural need to connect which we might feel a yearning for, isn’t confined only to humans. It can be seen across most living being.

The melody, hymn or chant can resonant within us and all around us.

Our own voice, familiar and yet a medium is so potent and has such power.


When feeling lost- make music

Creating music, I play my most cherished, my most adored possession, my Harp.

Playing with sounds, cords, scales. Old known tunes rise forth as old familiar friends, coming to bring comfort. New compositions come into existence from the unknown.

Simple notes, fill the space and resonate, and then enrich the quiet that comes after.

Exploring, music is such a marvel, ever new, ever changing, ever challenging experience.

And at the same time, it is always the same. Those same old notes again and again, the same limited scales, the same intervals, same exact keys, tempos, and structures, the same mathematics rules of harmonies and disharmony, of upliftment or depth. So very limited but yet so ungraspably endless.

I feel my own limitations and boundaries in the boundless sea of restricted possibilities.

Whether playing music that has already been created or composing anew, the experience of creating music filling our space with musical notes, vibration of resonance and rhythm, it is just a miraculous.

No matter the level of our skill, as limited as it may be, it can open a door for us, into the world of sounds which perhaps is, or at least feels, completely limitless. In the endless space of sound vibration we can feel found, held and supported.


Enjoying change

One of the things I love about performance art is that they exist only during the time of their making.

Once the process of creating has stopped or finished they linger in space for some time, and then fade away.

This to me is a very freeing experience, one which allows me to feel light and unattached when creating, no need for perfection, no need for storage; here it is, the dance or musical composition, alive, as it is, and thereafter, it just disappears.

Life is such a marvel

If we are able to appreciate any unique time, with self-love and use it, to quieten within, how very fortunate we are.


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