1 reason to Meditate 

1 reason to Meditate 

You don’t need to read 7 reasons why it’s good for artists to meditate, you don’t need to learn 4 new ways to free your creativity, to checkout 10 fascinating tools to find stillness, or 21 inspirational quotes..

…No one can convince you to walk the spiritual path, if you feel the longing for truth, to grow and evolve, you need to walk it, and there is no other choice. No one can ever survive on the real path if they are not rooted in the absolute understanding that there is simply nothing else for us to do here and nothing more important for us to dedicate our lives to.


Facing boredom, lethargy and dullness

The boredom of everyday life and emptiness that life sometimes seems to reflect cannot be overcome or eliminated by any quick fix. If we know our life is headed in the right direction, that our energy and efforts are put into that which is truly valuable and which nurtures us, if we prioritize feeding our soul and focus on filling our heart with beauty, then we have the patience to endure times of creative dryness and moments of dullness as well as challenges of pain and loneliness.IMG_1379

But if our bucket of life has a hole in it and if we neglect our inner calling for spiritual nourishment then no good reasoning and no cool quotes can help us. These can only give us an illusion that we are still on the path, while we are numbly drifting away from our goal, swayed by circumstances and lack of commitment.


Strengthening Truth not illusions

We love to hear that it is all part of the big plan, that there are no mistakes and no wrong turns on the paths, to be reassured that everything is ok and we are all taken care of. This is the ultimate excuse for laziness, and perfect justification for insincerity.

We must makeP1060484-2 sure not to make use of our so-called spiritual beliefs against our greater good. We must be attentive not to let ideals and half-baked truths become delusions or lies.

When your passion is real and burning you will crave to use your creativity for upliftment, to connect with the divine, to grow, to dive inwards, into your very own depth. You will not need to be entertained by spiritual ideas or amused by so-called spiritual excises, for you are driven by truth, hungry for meaning.

Just like a fish needs water, an artist needs to create, a true seeker will keep on searching and evolving, not looking for short cuts, not satisfied by shallowness, but sincere and strong, focused and full of love.

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