Femininity & Meditative Art

As women, we can use the tool of art, and particularity Meditative Art, as a helpful means to create harmony within ourselves. Meditative Art is a spiritual practice. It is making use of a creative expression for inner growth and development. It is the theory and practice of how to be art, moment-to-moment. When practicing Meditative Art, we free our creativity from any expectations and criticism. We attempt to create with no desire to “do” or make anything.

We practice “being” in the process of creating. As we create, we gather ourselves and direct our attention inwards, and we remain relaxed and calm while staying attentive and clear. We remain introverted and, from that, open receptive state, we connect humble inner state we connect to the source of creativity. Using art as a tool to connect within is a completely different experience to what is practiced in common art classes or personal expressions.


In a Meditative Art practice, we give importance to our subjective inner state and to our inner growth, connecting to the Divine and that which is real, through the work. We do not see a masterpiece or artwork created as something that we gained, and we do not give significance to the artist personality and other superficial aspects.

We do not see the artist as something separated from the source. We stay focused only to the real creator, making ourselves available, allowing creativity to flow through.

We can create from many levels, such as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. In a Meditative Art practice, there is freedom and yet a very clear intention. Our aim is to dive as deep as we can within and not to remain on the peripheries. Although we can allow ourselves to heal old wounds, we do so making sure we don’t get swiped away by the shallow inner waves that may arise.


We don’t want to get stuck in an endless analysis of memories, traumas and pains from our past, we do not wish to give freedom and encourage our dark and negative sides. Rather, we wish to allow ourselves to grow and go beyond the past. We attempt to rise above momentary moodiness and our habitual inner chatter. We create a connection with that which is real and uplifting. We surrender into silence, into grace itself.

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Healing happens naturally as we grow spiritually, but it is not our final goal in Meditative Art. We are flying higher and with the aim of reaching much more then “normality” and relative comfortable wellness.

Even though we can use Meditative Art as a therapy to make peace and love within, this is a by-product of the process as the practice is in fact a tool meant for growth that is much greater than that.

Meditative Art is an integral part of the path that leads to self-realization, the path of going beyond the mind, transcending both pleasure and pain, discovering and establishing a connection with that which is real. Just as all spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, and prayer, Meditative Art’s supreme goal is self-realizing, attaining and actualizing our pure nature, which is eternal bliss.

Text and images from the book

True Feminity” by: Mochita Har-Lev


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