Meditative Writing

Writing as a spiritual practice

Creative meditative writing is a beautiful form of art that can help us put down “into words” and “on paper” anything we wish to get in touch with, contemplate and remember. Writing is perhaps the most accessible art forms, making it an ideal way to express creativity when we are traveling or when we are in a period in life that we do not have our own space. We really need so little to practice writing and it can be such a powerful means of expression.


Creative writing a tool to connect within

We can write a poem or a letter in a form of prayer, a story or a book.  We can write to ourselves or to the Goddess. She who truly hears all our words and reads all our secret writings. It is of course not for Her that we write, she knows everything anyway, but it is a way for us to get in touch, to remember, to unburden ourselves, to express and share. We need this, it frees us from our own habitual chatter, and we can then surrender it all with love to Her.

I find that at very challenging moments one of the best things we can do is sit and write to Her, just let it all out on paper; She who really cares and has the space to contain all that we offer.


Sacred Writing

Writing a Journal to the Goddess is a simple yet powerful form of Meditative Art that can become a regular positive practice in our lives. It can be helpful to create a deeper relationship with ourselves or the Divine essence as we make it a habit to spend a few moments on our own wring each day. It is among the easiest and most accessible art fields we can do on a daily base as we don’t need any special tools or materials, we don’t need a secluded space and we can pick it up and put it down at any given time.

girlDedicating a special book for our writing can give our words a place to be and rest in.

Decorating this special book or cover it with a beautiful delicate cloth can help add a sacred intention to the practice. Our special book can go along with a special pen, and it can be stored in a respected place, giving the book due reverence. This helps us to give this practice a sense of ritual or ceremony.

To start off, we can dedicate a particular time in the day and we commit to regular writing. Perhaps before we go to sleep or when we get up. This can help us cultivate a new positive habit and develop the ability follow a little routine. This can also assist us in getting into the flow of writing. What we write needs no judgment, but our receptive presence and right intention. We can write with care and make our handwriting beautiful and pictorial or wait in a fast outburst, unreadable scribbles. It doesn’t matter; all we need to do is continues. Soon we may discover how this writing becomes a sanctuary where we can relieve ourselves of ourselves, a bridge to insight clarity and order, a way to come and meet ourselves.

Text and images from

True Feminity” by: Mochita Har-Lev

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