Meditative Art – Theory & Practice

Our first and perhaps most important book offers the basic foundation to understand and apply art in a meditative way.

Explore the history of Meditative Art from around the world, dive into a wide variety of art mediums, and learn of the ways through which shapes and colors can be used as a spiritual tool. The book is divided into four main parts: Theory, The History of Meditative Art, Practice, and lastly Meditative Art in relation to other Spiritual Practices.

The book it is filled with inspiring images, as well as a practical step-by-step guide.

Book length: 384 pages (estimated). Price: $24.90

True Femininity

Insight, Meditative Art & Inner work

True Femininity is a spring of holistic understandings, practical advise & fascinating images from across the globe. The book is written with much love to help any woman that wishes to be happy, to grow and to live in truth.

“True Femininity is a must-read for all women and men alike.  Beautifully written, profoundly deep, inspirational, uplifting, and full of wisdom for all levels of understanding, Mochita captures an important message.  She teaches how to reawaken the dormant feminine principle inside each one of us. ” Akshara Trzesicka, Canada

Book length: 272 pages (estimated). Price: $24.90


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Contemporary Spirituality, Contemporary Art

Our latest book is a fresh critical analysis on modern day Spirituality and contemporary Art. A sharp evaluation that sheds light on the weakness these two worlds shares and the significant roles they can, and are to, play in modern times.

Learning to recognize the falseness of so-called spirituality and the fake art-world that we live in, helps us to discriminate between the real and illusion. The book is filled with important, interesting and inspiring images of artworks from around the world.

The book is filled with important, interesting and inspiring images of artworks from around the world.

Book length: 216 pages (estimated).

Introductory Price: $19.90

You can also purchase this new book and Meditative Art -Theory & Practice, at a discounted price: $39.90

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