Lover and Beloved

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  That feeling that you really don’t care about anything else, that you don’t what to do anything else, that you are so absorbed in your creative play that the only thing you want to do is...

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Stay Sane

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It is when we refuse to keep learning, to grow, that exact moment is when we start getting old. As a child, we are open and interested, curious and experimental. “Old people” are those that are...

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Dance of life

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Dance is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself. Havelock Ellis (1859-1939) British social...

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Thoughts on Women and cloth

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What is it with women and cloth, fabrics, threads and draperies? It’s like some kind of ancient secret bond. Be it silk or linen, stretchy modern fabrics or good old warm pure wool. Tapestry and...

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Being alive, means that at times we may act, or feel, or think in a way we wish would be different. That is rather natural, and it gives us room to grow and to improve, according to our own goals and...

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Life and death

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Some of us spend our lives wondering ‘what am I meant to do with my life?’ Looking at nature, it does not seem to me that this is a question asked among animals, perhaps their conscious mind is...

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Searching for meaning

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Some days, the sense of meaninglessness is so strong, so dominate, that one may wonder how does that very force within have the desire to push forth for that precise next exhale, and then again to...

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Strength and weakness in uncertain times

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How do we measure strength and weakness, power vs powerlessness in shaken times? It is hard to see anything but confusion and uncertainty all over the world nowadays, and not only that, but it’s...

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Traveling in the days of Covid-19

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Traveling has been weaved into my life from a very young age. Exploring different countries, cultures and continents has been embedded into the core of my very experience of life and I am grateful...

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Hold On – Words for challenging moments

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Hold on, hold tight, carry on and don’t be alarmed, with inner strength, with an open heart, with love and courage. Hope is not enough when we lack motivation, in that case it will pull us down,...

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Magic always comes with a price

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Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Frederick Nitschke are only 3 great names that come to mind when we thing about geniuses that suffered greatly on the level of their inner sanity. Greatness comes...

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Understating Needs

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Bringing our attention to the level of needs enables us to first of all shed light inwards and get in touch with that basic level. And even just that, meeting and identifying a particular and...

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Thoughts – feelings – needs

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If we truly long for spiritual growth and sincerely use our time on this earth for our inner growth, we must utilize every opportunity that comes our way towards that goal. That means learning from...

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Embracing feelings

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People have different approaches to feelings: Some people have their whole life led and guided by feelings, they believe all their feelings to be true, and they trust them like a detailed navigation...

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Beyond mindfulness, Beyond therapy

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Most people see meditation as a form of therapy and mindfulness, as some ideal goal. What if you could reach places beyond mindfulness? What if you know how to dive and expand your experience of...

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Sky falls

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-A stream of words on connecting to meditative art in unusual times. As the outer sky seems to be falling; when our life is challenged, whether it’s personal or universal; whenever there is an...

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Somehow the idea that we are not our thought has penetrated slowly into the general collective mind. Most people, nowadays, have in some way, come to terms with the concept that although they cannot...

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Unchain my harp

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The first time I heard someone play the harp on a personal level, I was memorized. I know then and there that if I will ever be motivated to learn to play an instrument it would only be the harp, for...

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