Hold On – Words for challenging moments

Hold on, hold tight, carry on and don’t be alarmed, with inner strength, with an open heart, with love and courage. Hope is not enough when we lack motivation, in that case it will pull us down, rather than uplift us.

Days go by, and with them moods, feelings flow, successes and failures. Periods of life that you thought would never end have long passed. People you thought will always be there drifted away. Your own energy and motivation, your body which you felt is truly yours to trust, to command to enjoy and destroy at will, is not responding as you ask, as you want. Your heart which once was full of light and dreams is lost in the fog of memories and fears.

Hold on, hold on tight, hold on and in that grip learn to let go and surrender to that which supports you, to your inner ground. Hold on, hold firmly, and know that the seasons simply go by, for that is merely the way of this world, but you are here, for you, even if you are the only one, be here strong for you. Don’t abandon your own ship. Hold on, and do that, because that is your job and duty, it is your responsibility and joy and delight. Hold on also when you are happy and know that it too is not fully in your control.

Only you are yours.

Only you are with you all the time, with each breath, here for you, to feed you with love and to forgive, to be kind and caring, to comfort and embrace.

Hold on, and know that in the days that clouds cover the sky, there is still sun and warmth behind, even if they are not felt nor seen, that sun and its warmth are there and they shine. Giving their unconditionally their rays of light. That blasting sun which is always open and bright, and you may have the pleasure of enjoying it once again.

Hold on, like a drowning man holding for his dear life, like a child to its mother’s bosom for that is its own very heaven on earth.

You are all that you own, all that you ever had, yourself and your real faith. Not the cheap faith that you have been brain-washed into and spoon fed. But that, which you yourself found and know. And no one, not even the wisest friend can change those firm convictions. That faith which has proven it realness to you, has, in those most powerful moments engraved itself onto the skin of your very spirit. Now you just need to touch and find that which is carved inside. That concrete faith of yours that which can still fill your eyes with tears and that whispers of salvation, it speaks, it is your voice, yours to own, to become, that is real.

In the dark of night, in the longest day that seems to never end, when there is no direction which way to go to and there is nothing to do, be there, stay there, don’t look away, don’t find distractions, stay and be there, fully. Face it. As deeply as you can. Keep your eyes open and look, look at it all, with wonder, curiosity and interest. This lack of meaning, this emptiness – What is it made up of? What colors is it painted with? This time of insecurity, what is its texture? This dreamy moment of clarity, how does it feel? Taste or Smell?

Do you feel it in your belly? Is it heavy or light? Is it in your throat? Effecting your speech, blocking your expression?

Are your legs shaken? Your feet cold? Your mouth watery? Is your blood moving fast or slow, is your body temperature rising or decreasing? Do you hear the flow of your breath, feel your heart-beat? Do you feel your skin?

Hold on, in that moment of darkness and bewilderness, of haze, hold on to your core, to that which cannot be taken from you. Grip onto it.

Hold and feel what is yours and what is unreal, what is a mirage, a shade, a mask, and what is behind these dancing shadows, behind this show of colors, movement and images.

Look to see what is not moving, what is still and clear, and firm your gaze on that, drawing it near you, draw yourself to it. Warm yourself in it, and tie yourself to that essence. For there you can rest and breathe.

Know that this sweetness and freedom are there always, even when the sun is unseen. Rest in yourself knowing that you have you. And be that sun, bright and splendor upon your own skin.

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