The term healing has become a key term in modern spirituality. It is a very popular term that has flowed into a wide range of fields such as medicine, religion, psychology, even agriculture and economy, and many other fields.
What is it that we mean when we speak of healing?
Is it a goal in itself or a means for a greater purpose?
How do we heal? What are we healing? And how do we know that we have healed?
Is there an end to healing? Does everyone need healing? Are we all sick?

The beautiful core idea that we can feel better than we do, particulate if we don’t feel so good is a wonderful concept, it gives inspiration and it motivates. When someone goes through a period of challenges, when experiencing a trauma, or when having unresolved issues from the past, the very concept that one can heal gives hope and helps to the transformation process.
Healing, be it physical or emotional refers to reaching a normal level of well-being, overcoming a imbalance, a disease, releasing negativity and aligning a general comfortable level of experience, of oneself.
One can heal a bodily illness or pain, a basic emotion, a memory, or a deep feeling such a sadness or grief. When healing, one is trying to reach a level of normality. It is from a state of normality that we can move forward into happiness, contentment, inner peace, wholeness and bliss.
It is encouraging to think, to hope, to pray and to strive to be healed. Taking the time and putting forth energy into healing oneself is important, it is the very foundation of self-love. It is the basic of taking care of ourselves on all levels, and until a normal level of wellness is reached, it is a crucial and much needed goal, which can attempted with assistance or on one’s own.
But, the popularity and common way in which we hear the term ‘healing’ being used arises questions and contemplation regarding the nature of healing and if there is an end to healing?

On a physical level we aspire to be healthy, to feel energetic, to be flexible, strong and beautiful. To be comfortable within our own body and to do as we please.
On an emotional level we wish to feel secure and safe, to be loved, nurtured and supported.
On a spiritual level we aim to be motivated and to know how to help ourselves,, to grow and to consciously evolve.

While striving to healing is a key goal and simply a sign of sanity, it is a simple desire to feel good, to re-balancing, adjusting and reaching well-being. Nevertheless, we must it is a stepping stone for higher goals of completeness. Being ‘ok’, is wonderful, and until we feel simply “good” it is undoubtedly and rightfully a burning desire which must be attended to with full force.

And yet, we must know and fully realize that it is from the state of “normality” that we can really move forward and grow. It is the very ground upon which we can build. It is to be seen and understood as the base from which we can dedicate ourselves to our inner journey. It is only once we are in a state of “normality” – when we are not in pain or suffering, when we are not in a “mess” or chaos, but rather in a basic level of balance, that we have the space to fine tune, to perfect ourselves and complete the true goal of our path.

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