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There is something so very special about a group of women creating together. Something about it feels so familiar -so ‘right’; for we, as women, have sat and worked together in tribes, villages and communities all across the word, perhaps since the beginning of time.

Women would sit and come together as they created, cared for their men and for their young, as they cared for themselves…making food, clothing, jewelry and decorations, making their homes, making their pots and making their gardens, sharing, crying, bleeding, nursing, storytelling, and healing.


We all have these images deep in our collective consciousness; it is our feminine past and a circle of love that has always been there for women of all ages, from all traditions, cultures, religions and paths.

We miss, we long for – that supportive space to be a woman among women. Not in some form of competition, nor in a sticky emotional mess, but a part of a sacred place where we can be; a place where we can be quiet or loud, beautiful, joyful, sad, content, confused, angry, or even in heartbreaking aching pain.

Such a supportive, creative communal space is so simple, so basic and so essential – so very much needed and yet so very rare these days.

In these crazy times of isolation, competition and greed, we usually find, among female relations some mutually unhealthy neediness and emotional bondage, or aggressive elbowing, silent backstabbing and the like.


Let us remember our past and rekindle the warm creative fire that burns in our hearts. The fire that was the center of the tribal circle, and the fire that feeds our passions, our love and our dreams. Let us strive to return to, and to create from, and to be a part of, a circle of love; and let us strive to reestablish the beauty that we are and that we long for. Let us restore in our lives, the space to create for the joy of creating, to express our uniqueness and to shine our pure light.


We used to always be a part of a greater group of people, and in this group we would see and hear, and be a part of, a feminine lineage. There were always the older women to learn from and the younger ones to teach; wise ones to listen and advise, and funny ones to make us smile and laugh; Spiritual leaders to guide, smart ones to make us think; teachers and experts to pass down skills. In inspiring one another, we would share exquisite charm, harmony, beauty and magic. And we would all sit together and so very naturally we would creativity work.

When we come together in a environment that is enriching, accepting and peaceful, we are at home, we can relax, play and grow.

In our Meditative Art & Yoga retreats, I meet women of different ages, different generations, backgrounds and religions, coming from different cultures and places. They come together and they delight, they celebrate and cherish the experience in being a woman among women; in a sacred space of respect, learning, joy and creativity.

Being a part of a group of women who have come together for their inner growth and who have dedicated their time to retreat, rejuvenate and rest, focused on regaining strength and inspiration, reveals a mutual creative embrace.

Whether in silent meditation, creation of artwork or through verbal sharing of emotional difficulties, a special creative space is created and we all feel so very lucky to share it.

We come together and paint, sculpt, practice yoga, sit in meditation and share feelings and experiences; discuss and investigate ancient wisdom and traditional spiritual practices.

Through connecting to our body, to our breath, to art and to the divine source, we unite – each within herself – as a group, and to our feminine essence. There we can find something, which we can’t remember when or where was lost- something we have been longing for, for a very long time.

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