Energy and Art

What is energy? Energy is one of those popular words that can mean anything and everything, a word people like to use since it sounds deep yet remains abstractic, and it can be said without really thinking through what it actually means.
Everything we do needs energy, every movement and thought, yet the way this term is used is commonly related to a mystical vibe, in reference to healing, and with some spiritual connotation.
As it is so intangible and so elusive, it is easy to project upon the term Energy all sort of understandings and it can conveniently be misunderstood as some positive force of goodness or heavenly power. Energy is energy, it is not good or bad, it is not evil nor pure. It can be used in different ways, it can be dressed in different robes and applied for any purpose.


Using powerful Energy

Many assume that since there are powerful forces “out there” that they must be of noble or even divine nature, by their very essence. While energy can be supportive and healing, it can be destructive and overwhelming. It can also be evil and dangerous.
Full moon for example is an energetically strong time, people tent to feel what they feel more strongly, as if amplified around full moon times. That force, that energetic power, can be used and channeled in different ways.img_1139

If we are unaware of it we can get emotionally imbalanced and disturbed, but if we are aware of its effects we can learn to apply that force in a desired direction and utilize it. For instance, we can use the strong feelings that arise in us during these times, to understand ourselves better on an emotional level. We can also use that power as a creative force and devote it to our artwork.
It is naïve and illogical to think that the moon, which effects the waters of the seas, causing them to rise and lower will not have any effect on us. Our bodies are composed primarily from water and naturally we too respond to the moon. Effected by the moon, things within us will usually get louder, more vivid and dramatic around full moon time. Similar to the way that colors get stronger and more vivid during sunset and sunrise. It is a natural phenomenon which we can irrationally reject and deny the idea that such natural circumstances effect our lives. Or we can accept the simple facts and see how we can use and employ them to our benefit.

So whaimg_2425t can we do with such strong energies?

If we are able to recognize powerful times / places / people we can learn how to protect ourselves from getting hurt by their strength, and, if possible, enjoy their power. We can learn to recognize if a powerful energy can be used in positive ways or if we need to stay away, to avoid negative effects.
As artists, we can learn to use these powerful times and places that have a strong force on us, in a creative way. We can ride the force with our creativity. Just like when we are in-love or when we are angry, we can feel that we have extra force, extra energy. We may not know what to do with it, how to contain it or utilize it in a positive manner. But if we can master this ability we can use a forceful energy and work with it.


Beyond healing

img_1283There are many forms of Energy work, such as Tai chi, Reiki, Chakra balancing, ext. Working with energy is commonly understood as means of healing, but just as it can heal, powerful energy can disturb, destroy, create imbalance and hurt.
Some powerful energetic places and people are filled with dark forces and can be very unsupportive and even dangerous.

We need to first of all come to terms and comprehend that energy can work in different directions, not all pure or good. Following that, we will develop the basic desire to recognize if an energy effects us in a positive or negative way, and also how to connect with positive supportive energy. We then can bring this knowledge into our creative practice, respecting the need to nurture our pure energy and create from an energetically clean inner state.


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