Art and Nature

Nature is the manifestation form of creation; it is the greatest art teacher and the endless source of inspiration, the source of all colors and shapes. When wanting to create in a way that is harmonious and supportive, we turn to nature, time and time again, to observe and to learn the real meaning of beauty, composition as well as to learn to pay attention to fine details.

Nature is a fascinating play or script that just keeps changing and unfolding, each day, each moment. It is a continuous change of structure and shades, a complete flow of life and death, the divine magnificent in action.

Creating with Love

In an attempt to create with love, love for nature and all its endlessness particles, a simple way to start is to discover the marvelous world of natural materials and colors that is out there, and to learn how to use them.

Working with natural materials and colors is not only environmentally friendly or just a way to create without harming yourself and your surroundings, it is also a direct way to experience and tap into the universal laws and wisdoms that are working within all of nature.

Creating with natural colors, made from plants and flowers, or with natural materials – such as mud, stone, wood, bamboo, wool, silk and rope – is a magical experience, which teaches us about ourselves and about life. Through the work with these materials, we have a direct connection with the elements that compose this world. Being in touch with their purest form can serve as a direct way for inner growth and expansion.

The choice to work with natural materials is a choice to be a friend to nature and accepting that nature is your friend. Nature is not something dirty or a force to be tamed, it is a wild dance of elements, full of divine secrets, and it is where all creativity comes from.

The humble approach of Meditative Art

There is a way to create from a respective and humble state of mind, from reverence and real thirst, out of longing and interest to learn from nature and to discover truth. We can create in a way that helps us connect to ourselves and to our real source. Meditative Art is not just a concept, but rather an attitude of inner focus while expressing creativity. It is making use of the desire to create, not because we have something to say, but rather because we simply wish to listen. This is a completely different approach as compared to the regular approach to art, for we are not aiming to do anything, but to be, here and now, connected and present.

Spirituality, Meditation and Art

When we have love in our heart and a wish to create, we can learn how to do so without disturbing the perfect balance that is nature, without destroying and shutting our self away from the light with our negativity and ignorance. If we are open to hear, we can realize that real art is, first of all, a way to decorate nature and to let divinity shine though, not a pedestal or a glorification of ego or of old wounds. We can discover that we can create without imposing ourselves, upon nature or upon any creative artwork.

The first task of an artist, a real artist who wishes to create real art, is to learn how to be and how to allow creativity to flow through. It is then that we take upon the journey and explore what real beauty means, what harmony is, and how to join its magic – outwardly and within.

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