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Nature – the endless creation, the manifested word, the divine show in which we, all mankind, are a part of. Looking at the present situation worldwide, anyone with their eyes open to see, can realize that the human race is diligently and consciously destroying the basic and natural harmony of that which is our home, support, and nourishment. It is due to our selflessness and ignorance that we are fighting and trying to control the Garden of Eden we have been given, the divine wisdom and that which sustains it.

The understanding, among those whose care enough to think about it, is that nature is an inclusive experience, and that the ways in which nature affects us are beyond our measurable faculties, but nature is even greater than that. Nature is actually that of which we are an integral part of, just as a limb of a body, and perhaps not a crucial one. While nature can do perfectly well without us, it is we that cannot live without fresh air, clean water and food.

Nature is not a plant, nor a tree; it is not a green ideology, nor a health food store. Nature is a magical net of endless counter-dependent relationships, a balance of forces and flow, a heavenly playground of sensations, visuals, sounds, smells and tastes. Nature, and all its profound beauty, is far beyond anything that our little and limited mind can comprehend. It is only if we are truly humble and respectful, that we can live in love and in appreciation of nature, enjoying it and learning from it, rather than trying to fight, control and tame it.

Meditation & Art

In an honest attempt to live a real life of meaning and growth, we can utilize our desire to express creativity in a way that is sincere and deep, as a means to connect to our true Self and source. It is then that we discover the need to turn, with reverence and a wide heart, to the profound beauty of nature, to observe and learn. Learning how to create in a meditative way is a spiritual practice; it is a receptive process, which allows creativity to manifest through us. When we are genuinely interested and open, we can begin and create in a harmonious way, decorating nature rather than impose upon it our ego.

Spirituality and nature cannot be separated, as the longing for the divine creates reverence  towards its manifested form. The earth is our mother and goddess, containing, loving and provides for us unconditionally. Love for nature is love for creation: all that is created – the process as well as the creator.


Living in Nature

The common definition for a quality of life is a deceiving one, living in a big city, with noise and pollution, is not quality of life; real quality of life is being in a supportive environment that helps us grow and reveal our complete and happy essence; an environment that allows us to feel good, meaningful and inspired, a place where we can expand and deepen.

As an artist that has been living for the past eight years in nature, deep in the breath-taking forest of the South India’s mountain range, I realize that nature, and its profound beauty, is our real inspiration and teacher of creativity. This solid truth is especially relevant to this modern day and age.


The experience of living in nature cannot be described in words, it cannot be minimized to a description to entertain and satisfy the intellect, for nature is the fountain of life. For those that are thirsty, living in nature is a learning process that leads to inner growth, a river that leads to the Truth and a spring of knowledge.

We can choose to make nature our enemy or our friend; we can abuse it or dance in its glory, enjoy it or suffer. Our life can be a creative joy, but, if we insist on extinguishing all that light of our existence – who can help us? Who can we blame?


We can choose to live in harmony with nature; we can choose it and then choose it again and again, with each mindful action that will teach us how. We must begin with realizing that anything and everything we do has an effect, both on us and on our surroundings.

The holistic creation we are all a part of is divine and fascinating, let us celebrate its glory and love with song and dance.

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