Art & Education

Part 1: The root base of understanding art education

Do we need to learn art? What is there to teach and what is there to study? Is it beneficial for children and adults to be educated of past artists and past creative techniques, crafts and materials?
Do we need to learn how to be inspired or to express ourselves, do we require praise or encouragements? Do we need assistance or just to have the correct surrounding and supportive environment and there we are naturally inspired and motivated to create, invent, explore, discover and play.

Children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument, why? Is It merely to help their brain’s development? We have art classes in school and field trips to see ancient craftsmen? Why is that, when all they need to know to survive they can find on their smartphones?
But is that all we wish for them and for ourselves? Survival? What about happiness, calmness and joy? What about passion and originality, imagination, inner peace and contentment, a feeling of satisfaction and the ability to connect to feelings? To love and express love? Beyond wanting to know how to walk – What about learning to fly?

Do we expect that just like a child intuitively learns to turn over, then to sit, stand and walk, that they too will also be able to connect to themselves and internally be motivated to express? And if so, what would be the best conditions to allow that process to naturally unfold and make sure we do not interfere, delay or limit it, in any way. For example, when allowing a child moving space that is too restricted, it will affect their physical and even mental development.


The need for nourishment, cultivation and support

Children are in so many ways divine, but they are also very human. They most likely will reach out to a shiny candy rather than a healthy fruit and to a glimmering icing on the cake rather than a cucumber. When placed in front of a screen they will stare at the TV all day if it is loud and with moving bright objects on it,.. Rather than go out to play on the grass, under the sun.

We too, are of divine essence but that essence needs to be nurtured, cultivated and supported, for it to shine, mature and evolve. Like a seed needing the right soil, weather conditions and protection, in order to spring, blossom and grow.

To be inspired we need to learn how to be inspire, to truly express, not mealy our intellect and mental self, but to connect and meet ourselves through expression we need a facilitating space, a safe surrounding, supportive motivation, inner love, and the ability to be nonjudgmental.

We long to create a loving home for ourselves and our love ones, where we can sleep well, eat well and be well. We want to create an inner space for ourselves to be, to love, and be loved. We need to allow ourselves the space to express emotions and find inspiration.
And we need to know we want all this, in order to create it.

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