First Chapter

Meditative Art

Theory & Practice


Chapter 1:

Introduction to Spirituality

Meditative Art is a spiritual practice, designed to support spiritual growth and progress. Before learning about creating in a Meditative Art way, let us begin with an honest attempt to understand what the term “spiritual practice” means; what is spirituality, and why does it need to be practiced?


Spiritual Practice, Growth & Progress

Spirituality is the collective term used in reference to any field in which our very nature is being investigated. Answering the one and only question worth asking: “who am I?”, is the center and overall object of spirituality. The spiritual search is a journey to find meaning, value and truth; it is a search for that which is real and eternal. The aim is to discover or reveal our true nature, Self, God or the Divine.

Spiritual Practice is any activity made with clear intention to facilitate the aspirant’s development and inner growth. Spiritual practice is usually guided by a master or a doctrine. Among the common practices worldwide are: prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

Nowadays, the term ‘spirituality’ has been overly used, and usually misused, in many different ways. Many times, it is used as a substitute for words such as: energy, depth, meaningfulness, morality and even atmosphere.

The Spiritual path or search is the way one “travels” in hope and with the aim of reaching one’s own true essence. The spiritual search is not a search for a spiritual life; it is a search for that which is real and, therefore, Divine. It is the way through which one can transcend both the pleasure and the pain of life and connect with that which does not come or go, but rather, is eternal, changeless and omnipresent. The result is life of real meaning, real happiness and real freedom. A spiritual seeker is one who is sincerely dedicated to this search and to finding the only thing worth looking for. 


Spiritual Growth

In an attempt to develop spiritually, we must learn primarily to be available and present. This growth and development is interdependent upon two main intentions – effort and surrender. These two aspects may initially sound as though they are contradicting one another, but, in fact, they are not. Combining genuine effort together with the state of surrender composes the basic principles for inner growth.

We must continuously and wholeheartedly put forth effort, with patience and earnestness, without getting bored or tired. Self effort is a key a seeker must hold on to and yet, simultaneously, one must also learn to remain detached, trusting and open to surrender. We can only surrender to what is greater than us, like a child resting in a parent’s arms. It is that “Greatness” that we trust and to whom we submit to.

While effort and surrender seem to be opposite in nature, they are actually complementary. They can be seen as the two sides of the coin; or, in the classic example from the spiritual world – the two wings of a flying bird. There is a need for both these wings in order for us to fly, to allow the ever-flowing grace to shower upon us and create real transformation.

From the newly released book: Meditative Art – Theory & Practice

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