Real Art

Many years ago, when I was an art student, the question “what is art?” used to arise every now and again. It would be a philosophical more than a practical inquiry, a trigger for contemplation and group discussion.

While this question is completely interesting and valid, the answers that arose in such discussions were often shallow and reflected very poor insight.

Coming back to this question today, I see this subject in a different light, one that is based on the understanding and personal experience that there is in fact absolute truth, pure beauty and real harmony.

These are not merely conventions that I have come to, but rather acquired  knowledge and realizations, which are a result of dedicated practice and study of eternal  wisdom.

 As a human, these realizations allow me to live a fuller, richer and more real life. And as an artist, I have discovered that the quest and longing to connect with something greater than our little ‘self’ – to connect to the supreme or to truth – can be expressed through an art field or medium – be it colors, shapes, materials or sounds.

Mental Art

While ‘so called’ artwork that focuses on darkness, personality disorders, as well as individual or communal traumas may have some theoretical benefits, this form of expression has nothing to do with art or with the source of beauty, divine light and inspiration, which real art embodies.

Modern art is an art that attempts to stimulate the mind, it draws inspiration from the mind, it is seen and judged by the mind.

Using the same term  ‘Art’ for such mental based work that we see and experience all around us, misuses the original term and meaning of art, in its pure sense.

This misunderstanding  causes confusion in those who would hope and try to attempt to create art as the very nature, for the term art has been so diluted and stripped of any real value.

Real Inspiration

Real inspiration for creativity can be roughly categorized into that which arises from nature, and that which attempts to connect or reflect the divine.

Nowadays, many people are completely out of touch with nature and with that which is natural, and they have very little, if any, relation with that which is divine.

This sad situation is regarded as “normal” life. The result is that the main sources of inspiration that people in this situation find is within their own mind, which may be rather distorted, and within unbalanced and perhaps over developed personalities, uncontrollable emotions and meaningless moods.

In following social encouragement, many  artists develop a tendency to “fall in love” with their own shortcomings, darkness, emotional  difficulties and mental illnesses.

Real Art Arises from a Connection with that which is Real

We must live a real life, based on a sincere and honest attempt to connect to that which is real within us in order to create real art. Living a life of mere survival and wasting this precious opportunity of life can never give rise to a real artist or to real art.

To return the term ‘Art’, and also the practice of expressing creativity,  in  its essence, is to turn back, to search and to discover that which is real, deep and meaningful.

*All images were taken in the Archaeological Museum in Santurini Greece and are over 3000 years old.

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