True Femininity

Insight, Meditative Art & Inner work

True Femininity is an inspiring spring of holistic understandings, practical advise & fascinating images from across the globe. The book is written with much love to help any woman that wishes to be happy, to grow and to live in truth.

Book length: 272 pages (estimated)

Price: $24.90

Available in Kindle, Epub and PDF format.

You can now purchase both True Femininity, as well as Meditative Art -Theory & Practice, Mochita Har-Lev’s first book, at a discounted price. Price: $39.90

 Available in Kindle, Epub and PDF format.

“True Femininity, by Mochita Har-Lev, is a must-read for all women and men alike.  Beautifully written, simple yet profoundly deep, inspirational, uplifting, and full of wisdom for all levels of understanding, Mochita captures and shares an important message.  She teaches how to reawaken the dormant feminine principle inside each one of us.  This is crucial at this time on the planet, when femininity has been dishonored and misunderstood for so long, bringing disharmony and imbalance to the Earth, the Goddess manifest, our Mother.

Expression and creativity are integral for women. Mochita’s simple and practical suggestions of incorporating Meditative Art in everyday life as women is inspiring and encouraging. We can all find the inner artist within us, and express Divine beauty and femininity.  Following her guidelines, we connect to nature, express our inner creativity and thus connect with and embody the Divine Feminine. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

Akshara Trzesicka, Canada

A few words from the book:

“In general, art, just as devotion, comes naturally to women. While some women may not consciously be in touch with this fundamental nature.

A woman heals and expands when she expresses herself  through any form of art or simply through shedding tears and communicating. The truth is that a woman FEELS and she creates.

A woman flows and in her flow, she creates. She creates from deep within herself, from all the way down to the root, and all the way up to the sky. She is the inspiration, the muse, the song, the dance, the colors, the earth, the water, the fire, the air and the space. She creates with her every breath, creating all life and death.

We cannot even speak about a woman without getting poetic, dramatic, and ecstatic, without being moved, dazzled and touched, for this is what “She” is all about.”

On feelings:

“Women many times use feelings, just as men use relational thoughts, as an excuse to avoid taping into real wisdom. We can find ourselves saying “but I just feel like this” when we want to avoid looking deeply into something and seeing what is really there. While there is of course place for intuition and abstract feelings, so many times it easily becomes a comfort zone for anything we’d simply rather not talk about.”

“This book was enlightening for me, it pushed me toward the changes that I often ignored making in my internal self. It also gave me a much needed calmness while reading. After I finished reading, I felt like if I became more connected with mother nature, and in turn myself, then I could be more the ‘me’ that I always wanted to be.”

Haleigh, USA

 Available in Kindle, Epub and PDF format.

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