The 5 Elements & Meditative Art

Working with the primal Elements

The basic five elements which make up this manifested world are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

Each of the elements has a unique essence – a combination of set qualities and attributes. Each element has with its own wisdom and message. 

When working to create harmony, we strengthen the elements within us that are weak and control the elements that over amplified.

We can do so in different ways and from a wide variety of directions, such as through foods that we choose to eat or to avoid, with physical exercises and other activities, in connection to our body organs, season and climates colors and much more.


The most important point to grasp is that the elements which we are referring to are fully alive, they are not mere concepts and they are not separated from us or from one another – they compose us and our world, and they endlessly affect us and interconnect with each other.


Cultivating Understanding Though Art


Art can serve as a practical way to study and cultivate real and meaningful understandings. Deepening our connection with the elements through art in a creative way will help us recognize the specific voice of each element and the wisdom it has to share.

Through Meditative Art, we focus on applying art to deepen our relationship with ourselves and with the Divine. This has been a human practice since primitive man, and it was passed down through religions and cultures to modern day. Creative expression is a natural human instinct, it gives rise to Meditative Art and allows our conceptual ideas to come alive.


Listening to our inner guidance through expression of art, we use art for what it is in essence. We also pay respect and develop a connection to our inner guidance. This form of work enables us to reveal insight and feel the flow of grace. We then can follow guidance to find our way in life.

When we develop the ability to hear, more wisdom can come pouring through. On the other hand, if we ignore the Divine voice within, we not only suffer the consequences and make wrong decisions leading our lives in the wrong direction but we also miss out on the opportunity to grow, and we deny ourselves true happiness.


Inner Guidance


Perhaps, if we are honest with ourselves, then we can remember at least one clear situation when we refused to listen and accept a deep, inner, wise message that came to guide and help us. If we try from a positive and loving place we can recall that memory in the right light and learn from it. Using such occasion as an education tool may be helpful to empower our inner voice of wisdom, as well as the one that longs to listen to it.

From the newly released book

True Feminity”,  by: Mochita Har-Lev

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