Light vs. Darkness

Many people that create do so to express negative emotions, frustrations, depression and pessimistic thoughts, using art as a refuge to let loose dark secrets, guilt and endless fears. Art is also commonly used to bring to the conscious surface old traumas, analyze painful situations from the past and deal with stress.


Harmony, Beauty & Light

While using art in this way may have certain value, this form of work should be done with caution and to the minimal. We do not wish to dwell in the darkness or in the past but shed light upon it, live in our beautiful preset and move freely towards our future.

While it is important to be aware of the negative aspects within us and not suppress them or ignore them, this must be done with a higher goal in mind. We need to be able to identify the “enemy” that dwells within. The parts within us that pull us down are not our friend, and we should not mingle with them unnecessarily or give them any freedom. We need to be careful not to intensify and empower our lower tendencies by “worshiping” them by giving them too much energy and expressing them in our artwork.


Creativity Beyond TherapyIMG_1309

While art can serve as a therapeutic tool, this should be understood as a temporary treatment to bring things into the light of consciousness.

We then must move on and let go of it, move into a flowing shower of positive and inspiring expressions. Otherwise, we end up simply holding on to the old negative feelings and miss the opportunity to create a real change.

It’s a matter of focus; we can focus on the darkness or the light. That which we choose to focus on is reflected in our art. Focus on the light – in our life and in our art, we strengthen it. If we choose to create inspired by beauty, harmony, love and joy, we choose to focus on the positive, rather than to wallow in the mud of negativity.



Choosing Light

If we choose to create inspired by divinity, we choose to give our attention and center our whole inner state on that which it uplifts, then that will be the heart of our lives and from there forth it will shine in all directions.


Text from True Feminity”, By: Mochita Har-Lev

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