Most people do not take an interest in spirituality because they long to discover and actualize their pure nature.


So-Called Spirituality

Most people are either sick or feel lost, bored, depressed or deep pain when they start searching for some meaning and depth in their life. They do so in the hope to escape their misery rather than as an attempt to grow and to evolve.

Trying to find a drug to numb the pain, or some excitement to fill in the emptiness, are wrong reasons to begin a spiritual inquiry, and can never lead one to the ultimate goal of spirituality.


Wrong Start

Unfortunately, most people associate spirituality with easy-going, open-minded girls, spreading their hands out and wearing loss white fabrics, that are imported from the far East, and lighting fragranced candles.

‘So-called’ spiritual people are likely to share their feelings and hug you – whether you know them or not; they most likely will offer you to come with them to some new fascinating workshop, they may also give you some free advice regarding positive thinking and a beautiful explanation why it’s ok to be irresponsible.

The Spiritual Scene

Going to spiritual music festivals, visiting ashrams in India, attending a meditation course or taking a yoga holiday, have now all become popular entertainment for people across the globe.

Those who dip into these kinds of ‘spiritual scenes’ usually go to have some to have AMAZING experiences and meet some really AMAZING people  They buy there spiritual accessories to go along with their spiritual clothes. They pick up a few new spiritual books and organic snacks for the way, and off they head back to their so-called ’normal’ life, popularly referred to as the ’real world’.

Those who do not hurry back to the so-called ‘real world’ are commonly seen as weak and confused, perhaps going though some kind of a phase or personal crisis.

The Spiritual Lie

Usually, those who do not go back to ’normal’ life are misfits, and they really can’t handle life’s challenges, obligations and responsibilities. They are not on a quest for truth or that which is real, but are trying to find some safe zone where they can stay hurt and unchallenged. These misfits of society hope to find a way out, a safe place to hide and an excuse to be immature.

Taking refuge in spiritual communities, holding on to superficial spiritual ideals, getting stuck in spiritual dogmas and trying to find some magical “La-La Land” where you can avoid life, has nothing to do with the complete honesty, the absolute sincerity and total dedication that the spiritual search demands.

The Truth

Unlike the so-called ‘normal life’, on the spiritual path there are no places to hide; there is nowhere to run to and there is no escape. A true seeker cannot take a break or go on a holiday. There are no days off one can accumulate and no “chill-out” weekends. There cannot be any distractions and there is no room for excuses; there can never be anything more important.

Striving for real wholeness is not a hobby, it is not a job; it is not like raising children, who one day will be independent and on their own. It is a 24/7, nonstop commitment and there is no end.

The spiritual path is not designed for, nor can it fit, the weak and feeble. It demands courage, strength, patience and maturity.

In truth, it has no tolerance for the flaky and silly, for those who are scared, lazy or those who are stuck in the past.

And all those who claim – to themselves or to the world – that they have stepped on the spiritual path without realizing this, are sadly, in complete denial, living in illusion and spreading more ignorance about spirituality and what it really is.

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