Spiritual Maturity

We want to be calmer, to be happier, wiser, more clear and sharp, more in-tune and in harmony with life and with our true needs and wishes. We aspire to be more healthy and energetic, to be at peace with ourselves, more quiet and yet more confident and courageous.

We think it is a just matter of picking up some good skills, doing a workshop or learning a new supportive way of thinking,
but that is simply not enough. Inner strength and pure knowledge is not something we can pick up, we must dedicate ourselves and our lives to it. Spiritual growth and internal maturation must be rooted in the real longing to evolve, to develop stillness, clarity and tap into wisdom.


Longing for pure wisdom

It is our life that must support our inner growth not the other way around. Spirituality is not meant to help us do good business, lose weight or become better lovers. While inner growth will have a positive effect on all of life’s different aspects and the different roles we play, just as watering the roots of a tree will nurture all its different branches, but that is not the point.IMG_1701

As long as we are “selfish” in our wishes and want to use spirituality for our shallow needs, grace cannot shower upon us with all its force and glory, simply since we are not open and available to receive it.


Serving our Higher Self

We must set our priorities straight and gather the right perspective on what is really important to use life for and all the gifts we are given, in the correct and supportive manner.

It is our highest good that we must aspire for, our spiritual evolution that we must serve. We must see this precious life in the light of what we have come to do here in this earthly body and how to use our earthly time for our greater goal.

Looking for ways to use spiritual wisdom, yoga, meditation and art as means to improve our life is ok as a starting point, but we must quickly grow up and discover that it is not enough, and not the right way of living.


True Goal

The tools of spirituality and creativity have been made available to us for a more noble and important task, to be used and applied as means to search and discover truth and our true nature. To connect and merge in the divine love that we are and that we long for.

That is truly our life’s goal.


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