River of Creativity


That which is called creativity is far beyond the scope of ideas, materials, shapes, colors and sounds. It is an ever flowing river that flows from the very source. When connected to that source, our creativity remains fresh, unique and harmonious. 


Each and Every Petal

While many feel that they need to be unique and special, the truth is that divinity creates each and every thing unique– each petal and sand-grain. There are no two things alike in nature, just like each human’s finger print and each trigger’s striped coat.

There is no need to put forth effort to be special and original, in fact, quite the contrary, it is through the process of surrendering that we can tap into and discover our own individuality. In truth, we are so overly identified with our ego, past experiences, personality and preferences that we are never available to meet ourselves – that divine essence which truly comes to life thought cultivation. It is only through finding and making the inner space and interest to meet ourselves that we actually give birth to it.


Creating Inner Space

“A Meditative Artist’s core intention is to be present, attentive and to make themselves available so that creativity can flow through them; while personal feelings, ideas and thoughts are put aside.

Through the practice, the artist becomes like an empty vessel; or, as the revered spiritual master and artist Rumi (Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī) so beautifully describes it – a flute, through which a unique tune can be played by the Divine.”

From the newly released book: Meditative Art – Theory & Practice


Longing and Openness

As long as we have no interests, no quietness and no longing, that pure and splendid essence within us will remain dormant; a potential yet to be revealed; a seed that has not been sown.

In such a state, closed and disturbed, the river of creativity simply cannot flow through; it cannot refresh us with its never ending beauty. With no access to that stream, we find ourselves roaming as beggars, jealously trying to steal someone else’s spark of light. Dry and bare, we hide in shame behind pride, and we have no clue how to help ourselves.

It takes courage combined with clarity and humility to live in truth, to create with honesty and to stay in tune with the source; and yet, when we choose to live a real life – it is the only way.

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