Searching for meaning

Some days, the sense of meaninglessness is so strong, so dominate, that one may wonder how does that very force within have the desire to push forth for that precise next exhale, and then again to inhale. How does it have the energy and motivation to go on, again and again? What is that power that moves on its own from within, unconsciously forcing the heart to keep beating, pushing the lungs to expand and then contract?

It is such a wonder, why so many people, so many bodies, millions and billions, keep living, keep breathing, their hearts keep beating, day after day. Is it not?

Why? What keeps them going? What inspires them? What is their life force fueled by?

What keeps you going?

For those that have chosen to have children, the responsibility and the importance of their commitment prevails. Knowing someone relies on you and needs you is a reason that leads and drives many. Not only with regards to raising one’s own children, but this essence of being needed, also can be met through one’s job and people they surround themselves with.

Feeling needed, many times feel good, feels satisfied, it can give one a reason to live and while, but if you really think about it – if everyone is living for everyone else, it’s kind of a silly game, is it not?

The child living for the mother, the mother for the child? Is it not that strange, not to mention a bit pointless?

But, putting that on the side, what happens if we remove that feeling of being needed and the responsibility towards others, what are we left with? What is our reason and meaning then? Confronting such a quest, a void and emptiness is provoked, a vast inner contemplation can arise and a deeper longing must manifest to fill our lives with importance, passion and inspiration.

Can it be that there is no point, is that a depression or a freeing thought?

If there is no point, do we need to make one up, or just enjoy the ride?

For those that have a fundamental spiritual base that somehow serves as a solid ground from which they live, they have something. Call it faith or call in salvation that fills their hearts and lights their path even in the darkest nights. It gives them hope, a real nurturing comfort, and direction and a goal. Actualizing our life’s true purpose that is the only reason to live. Our own growth is the journey and grace is our compass along the way. The divine is there only for those that have no doubt, those that are all in. And there is no way out.

There is no choice, there is no other way or any other path, no other goal, but the ultimate one. I am the beginning of the quest and that which I aim to be.

I don’t know why else to live.


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