Magic always comes with a price

Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Frederick Nitschke are only 3 great names that come to mind when we thing about geniuses that suffered greatly on the level of their inner sanity. Greatness comes with a price at all levels and the spiritual level is no different.

The world of fairy-tales, fantasy and wonder, the mystical realm, black powers and sorcery always seems so attractive from the perspective of this cold harsh materialistic dimension. It is very common among spiritual seekers to hope and reach that which is of supernatural qualities. Dimensions where they can disappear in and outer body experiences which they fly away to.

However, for a true seeker, who has eyes to see, these are not much different than taking drugs or looking for mere distractions; it is not the real nor is it the goal.

This is certainly not to say that the spiritual quest is not magical, for it is. It is real magic that it reveals to one that truly desires and is committed to the true quest inwards.

This real magic doesn’t take you away from this world, it is not an escape route, but actually lets you be here, truly, fully, present and absent, absorbed and rooted within, yet open and detached. And more then all these – trusting.

This magic doesn’t take you away from your body, your senses, but rather lets you be, enjoy it, all of it, while accepting its limitation, its mortality and weakness. True magic does not oppose the mind and logic, nor does it reject the heart, its insight and all its rich range of feelings, for these are all precious gifts, not to be taken for granted, yet not to be glorified into gods.

When our different dimensions are accepted, appreciated, and yet are not seen as defining who we are, we have the space to be. Bare. When we do not delude ourselves into believing we are this body, this minds and yet we love and respect these aspects of who we are, we can enjoy them, utilize them and have gratitude towards the many parts that are a p complex that we are.

This real magic, this pure splendor and core enchantment, like all magic, comes with a price.

Price for Fantasy magic

Fantasy magic is accessible and within reach, however it is not free, nor cheap. The price for fantasy magic is deception. You must give yourself to deception, you must accept its tricky rules. It fools you and lures you deeper into your imaginary sphere. It provides tools that can make one enjoy mystic energies powers and make these seem comfortable and yet glittery. However enjoyable it is, just like any drug or intoxicating substance, the fact is that when one does wake up from this dream, it is into a cold and meaningless state.


Price for Real Magic

Real magic, is of divine nature, it is open and available for all. It can manifest in the tiniest of moments or in the biggest crossroads of our lives. It is a ray of sunshine that warms us and the loving smile that comes shining when we need in in dark nights. However it too, comes with a price.

The price of real magic is that it demands devotion, real sincerity and the hardest of all self – love. Not loving oneself because of attachments, personality, looks, skills or talents, none of that, but rather loving oneself simple and for no actual reason. That prime love, that core care is the door to that real magic.

And the greatest price of real magic is trust.

Trust in oneself and in the source of life, that which gives you unconditionally and abundantly your very next breath. That which has given you your body, your mind, your spirit. That very source, that divine foundation which supports your every moment of you are awake or asleep. Your trust is the door-handle into the lands of real magic.

It is trust real magic demands and without it none can roam its fields and enjoy its delights. Are you loyal to that, to trust? Can you fully trust?

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