Feminine Muscles 3 – Q & A

(*This post is a continuation of the previous post – Feminine Muscles 1)

A few question may come to mind with regard to all we have been discussing:


Must I use an egg / ball to work my intimate muscles?

While you certainly CAN work these muscles without any aid, however, this work is limited and the results are limited. It is like walking in the dark without feedback but never the less it is possible and much better then nothing! So YES, if done correctly the work without any tool can totally be sufficient, if you really understand which muscles you need to work, exactly where are the muscles located, how to properly work them – and then you regularly actually work them. This practice, just like any physical activity, needs to be a part of our lives. Just like brushing your teeth – It’s not necessarily fun, but we (hopefully) all know this is just something we have to do to take care of ourselves on a basic level.

There are endless books, and videos and even private processional trainers that share much insight on how to work these muscles without any aid, so if you clearly are not interested to put any unanimated object up your vaginal canal, you can perfectly do it without anything. I do recommend to stay openminded to the idea and allow the possibility for your feeling to change. You may open to the idea that you may wish to try it once you get deeply in touch with the area

In any case – Make sure you get correct good info and get working. And please do it sincerely and with dedication.

When said – the practice gives us added benefits for sexual pleasure – what does this mean?

Getting better control, understanding of the area and developing more strength within our sexual organ gives us the ability to give more pleasure to our partner. It is not only a matter of confidence but actual abilities that develop, muscles that we didn’t know we have or how to move are discovered and can be used. This intimate relationship with parts of our body that we can’t see also helps us to be in a deeper and more direct contact with our body and this allows us to experience more pleasure.

While many women with age feel less juicy and less strong, less sexy and less pleasure, with this work we keep ourselves alive in our body. We actually learn to be better and feel more with our partners. Rather than getting dry and old, we keep growing, we develop abilities, learn, explore and play.

This is our choice and our body listens and cooperate with our intentions.

It’s interesting to note is that while our partners will enjoy the effect of our muscles directly our enjoyment is more indirectly, as our overall health and internal strength devlops.


What are the physical /physiological health benefits of such practice?

Among these befits are:

-Prevention of Urinary incontinence as well as fecal incontinence

-Prevention of Pelvic floor prolapse

-Balance of hormone – which can naturally reduce the wide verity of menopause symptoms as well as menstruation pains craps, PMS, ext.

-Natural healthy juiciness is maintained and can be enjoyed

-Reduce risk of Cancer – recent research the dedicated practices can reduce the risk of cancer in woman’s ovaries and breasts.

While almost all gynecologist will advise women to work and keep their PC it intone, the popularity of some assisting tool are greater than others.

The Jade egg, for example, has a pretty bad rep as far as I have seen on the internet and much of what I have read that is written against it – is totally BS (– for instance I read that any sexual befits one may seem to experience is only placebo J, seriously.)

However, it is interesting to note that other object like the Ben Wa Balls of steel and the Silicon Ball (which do pretty much the same work) get praised for their aid.

While it is important, just like with anything to listen to your body, to make sure you are not hurting yourself in anyway.

Being responsible and having healthy caution should be confused with useless and irrational fears that don’t serve you in any way.


Which egg / ball is it recommend to start with?

As mentioned – the difference between the different tools – eggs / balls is not the important point. Go for what you are drown to, what you feel most comfortable with, and what sounds the most simple to you.

I suggest – Don’t over think it, just choose, get going, start practicing and then see if you what to change or if your pleased with your first choice.


Good luck. (Feel free to contact me if you have any questions)

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