One of the things I personally find very important and also very natural is to keep my passion fire lighting bright and strong. I find it a natural human need and a key to staying truly alive, not just surviving but alive, open, motivated and rich.

When I am unwell, I know something is off with my inner fire, my passion is neglected, not being fouled. As walking around with my taste buds numb.

When I am well. I am learning, I research, I experiment. I am in love with flowers and colors, sounds and texture, shape and flavors. I take joy in the things I know I love and I celebrate the unknown.


The Unknown

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science”

Albert Einstein


A part of passion is the unknown. Commonly the word boring is associated with that which we already know, that which is so familiar that it has gone dull and lost its spark. The mysterious, the new, forces us to be on guard.

Pushed beyond our comfort zone and our field of expertise, we are humbled, face to face with our bare ignorance. We are ignorant simply because we do not know.

For instance if I do not know anything about rollerblading (which I actually do and love..) then I am ignorant in that filed, I simply do not know. I must confront that feeling and the insecurity that may rise.

Not only must I confront it but to a certain degree must I also accept and embrace that feeling of ignorance, that knowing I am clueless, for unless I know that I do not know, I am just in denial or delusional.

If I do wish to learn – anything – it is because I do not know, that is the essence of it all. There is space for the new, there is hunger for nourishment. If I know it all, I have nothing to learn. Deep hunger arises from space, a void that wants to be nourished.

And feeling hunger doesn’t necessarily mean that I am staving, while at times it is just that, the huger is so profound and we can even feel malnourished with reference to a particular aspect.

Personally, this is how I felt with regard to the harp, by the time a got a harp I was actually felt truly undernourished in the field of my life. It is a great joy and satisfaction to feed our desires our passion and longings.

Other times we come across appetizers we did not even expect or know about. These do not come to fill a void but to enrich our experience and our lives.


Cultivation Passion

When we are open passion can come for any direction, and if we are curios to ride it, it can take us on beautiful an unexpected trips. These can be of many different kind such as: intellectual, philosophical, mental, physical, psychological, somatic, culinary, sexual, creative, spiritual, the list goes on.

A few of my current passions are: Gardening (currently mainly pruning huge delicious lavenders and bee bussing rosemary), jade egg practice, research and experimentation (!), reading classical fairytales and classical book that I never read before (such as “brave new world”! perfect timing…), soap making (slow cold process), and of course playing and practicing with my beloved harp.

…What are you passionate about these days?

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