What is the meaning of this beautiful and beloved word – Abundance?

So full, so overflowing with promises and cherished fantasies, ideal treasures, great fortune. Luxuriously decorated with flares and sparkling with glitter, we long to lure it into our lives, to invite it and let it get comfortable in our domain. Or perhaps, to be invited to dwell in its domain.

In modern “new age” spiritual world, many groups and individuals, wishing for “Abundance”, are actually using this word as a pretty and perhaps more sophisticated way to say money. Longing for “Abundance” – what they really want to say, is that they want to be filthy rich. To be prosperous, shining, draped in gold, silks and glamor. But in fact “Abundance” – the real deal, points and defines something else, and longing for real Abundance is in fact a wish for an existential feeling that is so much greater then a sum of capital or cash in the bank.

I sit under a small apple tree, looking above me, I smile; overflowing heavy with fruit, more than one can count. Each branch, so full, so packed with countless cute bright green apples, cramped so closely together, they fill each possible spot. This tree is abundance, it has so much it drops off naturally some of its overflow. It is so full of itself that it is not volunteering its fruit out of some noble generosity, it simply and effortlessly lets them go. You cannot take from it, steal, it is so rich that it drops them with absolute genuine renunciation. Like a river, naturally flowing, lush and confident, not even knowing them meaning of being dry, not aware of its ever ending flow. Unaffected by a small bird or a pride of lions coming to drink of its waters. Unworried, it may lose its greatness, or have less means. Untroubled it may run out of its source.

Like a wave, not knowing stillness, it simply flows again and again, in its very own rhythm and swaying movement.

We long to be wealthy, to be rich, prosperous, successful, popular, loved. Why?

No matter what we have, we are terrified of losing it, concerned how to maintain it and gain more. Why?

Wealth, money, is not the goal but the means. An important need, but surely not the essence of our lives, not the purpose of our existence. Falling in love with the vehicle, getting lost in its maintenance, we miss our destination, we lose our path.

Dedicating our lives to gaining and maintaining wealth, we are like a small child lost in the shiny packaging, thrown away the gift it wraps.

We need to sustain ourselves, yes. And comfort is significant, certainly. But being true, alive and awake within ourselves strong and real, that is not a side-kick for when we have time, for after we have saved enough and can retired. This is our live, not to waste it away going somewhere, not to be spent. Time is the most precious currency, for unlike any other wealth, it cannot be regained.

How to make meaningful use of our earthly time, how to use this life to evolve, truly, not financially, not on social media but internally, in inner strength and spiritual death – this is to be our real concern.

Developing our inner wealth, our inner treasure so much that non can take it from us, for is so simply and naturally oozing, overflowing and radiating from us, effortlessly.

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