Move it

Our bodies are designed to move. If we assume we don’t like to move, we are in essence, objecting or opposing to the natural way we are meant to live – with movement imbedded within it.

We don’t need to like every kind of movement, but we need to come to terms with the fact that to be healthy we need to move, and more so, preferably enjoy it. 

We can look at it in a similar way as with food, it’s important to not only accept our basic needs to survive, but to actually find a way to enjoy it, to nourish ourselves in a fun and healthy way.

Exploring and experimenting with a variety of movements is a continuous game, for there is so many kind of ways to move and to play.

Personally, I love to dance, I have recently having much joy learning Caribbean / Jamaican dancing. I love the vibe, the ‘upfront’ attitude, and coolness of the movement, the music, and the energy of the people. I love this kind of dance because it is so bald and unapologetic, even rude to the unfamiliar eye. The fundamental essence of the movement is so different than many other kind of dancing, which are popular in other cultures. The whole base of the move is centered and focused as the pelvis. Moving our pelvis freely, sensually, dramatically, is such a tabu in so many cultures worldwide. Exploring and connecting to such movements can be a real fun and freeing way to connect to this important part of our body with openness and expressivity.

In contrary to dancing, I really hate cardio workouts, I actually find them a subtle torture. And yet surprisingly dancing, which can be seen as a form of cardio workout, is a totally enjoyable activity for me. I can dance for hours, sweating and smiling, with such delight.

I also love hiking and many kind of sport and physical adventures. Learning new ways to move my body, discovering new abilities and using new methods to mold myself seems to me as a celebration of the great gift of the body – which we have been given.

We need not enjoy everything, but I think that it is important to go beyond accepting the human need of keeping our bodies in shape, strong and flexible. Stepping from accepting into love, into joy, into a celebration our body, is just a better way to live.

Accepting is fine, accepting life, accepting ourselves, our bodies, our needs, that is ok; accepting is much much better then rejecting, neglecting or abusing… But really, isn’t it time to go beyond accepting into the realm of Joy and Love?

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