Talking Spirituality

There are many kind of ‘so-called’ spiritual people. Some, walk the walk, others talk the talk, some claim they seek, some claim they have found, or, alternatively, have been found. Very few are actual real, sincere, genuine, living breathing spiritual; committed to truth, committed to themselves, to their inner growth, at all cost.

Some people I have come across my path are referred to as ’spiritual scholars’. Studying in India was the first time I came across these such a definition. Studying in an ashram, my teachers were such people, which took pleasure in studying and teaching spiritual texts. Publishing spiritual assays and debating on spiritual topics. Seeking intellectual amusement, social reputation, as well as indulging in the pleasant feeling of being in a spiritual environment.

They would debate endlessly about the meaning of spiritual sutras, the date of ancient textbook and the interpretation of words.

Such debate may (or may not) be interesting on an academic level, or an anthropological one. However they simply have absolutely no spiritual value.

Alive spirituality

Spiritualty, is not an idea not an ideal. It is not confined to the part nor does it being to the future It is alive, it is now, it is breathing, pulsing, in the depth of me, in the depth of live, of each and every cell and so much more. It is to be touched, penetrated, explored within, to be lived, to dive into. To be merged into, to be.

Later in my life, I came to realize that these kind of spiritual people are not limited to a specific place or a time.

History is full of so called spiritual leaders, which had no actual spiritual depth, yet due to their charismatic or influential character, they have made a name for themselves in the spiritual arena.

Spiritual communities are a tricky thing and can easily become a trap for a real mature seeker. It is easy to get lost in clothes and rituals, uniforms and ways of speaking, rules, dogmas and spiritual orders. Some may even wish to try and create their own spiritual community, to feel a sense of belonging and to be among others, like themselves.

Not that there is anything wrong with using such tools to help oneself. Cloths, rules, commitment, ext. These can all be used as wonderful aids, to help us. To be a conscious reminder of the goal of our human lives, to keep us on track. However, it is most often that people lose their way in these very tools which are meant to help them. Forgetting the purpose and holding on these aids, as if they were the goal in itself.

Furthermore, having a spiritual self-image is utterly limiting. Many enjoy being a part of an order or a spiritual community as some perfume of great fragrant, pampering themselves in it.  

At least so called “earthly” people, are honest, simple and not pretentious. They are not ashamed to say they care for being popular, for their status and wealth. They don’t lie to themselves or to others, and they have no problem with admitting how shallow they really are.

Sadly, so many of the so called spiritual people, scholars, and groups have much to learn from such honesty and simplicity.

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