Talking to God

God – pure love and light. God, or the divine, is Truth – the very source of all power, magic, beauty and beyond. God is not a white bearded old man sitting up in the sky. He lives inside each and every being, and His divine seed is planted into each and every thing in magnificent creation.

God can be found and reached here on earth, furthermore the truth is that it is the sole purpose of our existence.  Reaching God is what we humans are to do with our time here – to live and discover divinity within, which is non-else but our own true self.

We can reach the divine and make our life sacred by bringing God into our life, inviting Him or Her into each and every moment, action, each day. One way to begin is to simply start talking to God or to the Goddess, in which ever form applies to us the most.

When talking to our beloved, we are free to express ourselves as we wish, to cry or laugh, and share anything and everything. We can pray for guidance or help, we can also ask simply to be absorbed into Him. Those who talk to God know that, not only does He listen, but He also answers and replies. If we are quiet, receptive and patient enough to listen, God will speak to us, through us and reveal Himself in endless unexpected ways.


God is our true refuge

God our only real friend, the only one we can have and count on, trust and surrender to. Whether we feel it or not, God is always with us, always protecting us and calling for us to return back to our true home.

Those that take upon themselves the spiritual path, as a result of deep longing, in an attempt to find meaning and value, are in fact searching for God – the only truth that there is, which is eternal and infinite.

The spiritual path is not a search for a spiritual life or spiritual activities, but rather, it is a learning process of who we are, a way to go beyond life and death, beyond change, pleasure and pain. It is a road that takes us to the all-pervading, real everlasting bliss that is our true nature.

By connecting with the divine, we realize that we belong, that we are never abandoned or forsaken. Without God, on the other hand, we are lost, afraid and lonely. Being God’s beloved child, we remember we are and cannot ever be lost, and that we were never actually alone, it is only ignorance in the form of an illusion of separation that fools us to imagine we are.


The inner depths cannot be described, as they are beyond words and explanations; they are wider than the limited mind. However, they can be reached, explored and can become a solid existing experience through practice, discipline and grounded faith. It is not because we are convincing ourselves of anything that we can discover God, it is because we learn how to let go of the illusionary identifications with that which is false.


Finding ourselves

Unlike commonly understood, we are not our likes and dislikes; we are not our past, nor our personality. It is only through deep and sincere craving to realize our self that we can find out who we are.

Speaking to the Divine moment to moment, each day, more and more, is a direct way to our own selves. Living with God in each step, each action, word and thought helps us, not only to find peace and a sense of real security, but to dive into the infinite bliss that is.

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