Creative Meditation

By: Mochita Har-Lev

As we sit quietly, with an image of the Divine in front of us, or perhaps simply connect within, with our true self. We sit and observe or explore. We may be overwhelmed by feelings, words or intense experiences, and yet, perhaps, we find that there is actually no need of anything. Simply and genuinely, we can just be. Absorbed in the moment, absorbed in silence, we dive deep. Enjoying the profound space of nothingness, which contains all that is, and beyond.

One helpful way to connect with our beloved is through prayer; it is also a very helpful way to stay attentive in our quiet practice time. Pouring our heart out, we remain both alert and interested, which keeps us in the present moment. We can speak of our troubles, confess our conflicts and cry of our worries. We can express all our wishes and dreams, sharing anything and everything. This intimate conversation with the almighty is a safe zone, where we remember we are unconditionally loved, carefully guided and always cared for.

The joy and the love we may experience in a cherished meeting with the divine is above any worldly joy and love, as it is real. Time spent with our beloved God, Goddess or within our Self, is a timeless time; it is a fountain of bliss and the pathway to truth.


Creativity in meditation

There are countless ways to sit in meditation; there are beautiful prayers composed and powerful chanting available. Each can choose that which is suitable for them and that which they find useful and conductive. This sort of practice is an attempt to be, rather than to do; here, we long to merge and yet remain more than ever, present.

The contentment and peace of mind that can be reached by such quiet time cannot be reached by any other means, as it is pure and sacred, yet as simple as can be.


To start, we may be flooded with thoughts, attacked by voices and confronted with intense emotions and inner judgment; but, if we learn to disregard these, by not giving them our attention, we can enjoy the eternal silence that is behind all the noise they all make. As in the example of a spiritual metaphor of a blue sky – the sky is always vast and infinite, behind the clouds that may come and go. If our attention remains on the sky, we are not swept away by the clouds; we do not get taken on a ride with the movement and change.

This is by no means an easy attempt, but the only thing worth aiming for. It is the only real peace and contentment that there is.

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