Sweet Zen Story

A sweet Zen story about practice:

Once a small boy was sitting on by the river, he saw at the corner of his eye an old old man with a long beard sitting with a stick in his hand he drew on the sand a completely perfect circle.

The boy was impressed and he ran over to the old man and asked him :”Hay old man, how did you mange to draw such a perfect circle?”

The old man looked at him and simply said “well, I tried and tried and tried, here you try..” he handed over to the little boy his stick and the boy tried.

At first his circles were all crocked, long or wide but slowly slowly he got better and better. He kept trying and trying until one day he managed to draw a completely perfect circle. He then heard a little boy’s voice behind him saying: “Hay there old man – who did you mange to draw such a completely perfect circle?”

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