We take a beautiful, soft, naturally fluffy and light ball of raw wool, peal a small piece from it and start forming it into a shape. With the use of a special felting needle that has a triangle edge, we work with patience and attention.

Our work is to connect, gather and condense this “airy” flowing material and to give it structure; turning it into a defined form. Through repetitive pricking of the wool with the needle this process slowly, almost magically, takes place. The level of condensation and how clear will be the outline of the form is a matter of choice, we can play with it as we like and according to the need that arises. The wool can be made very stiff or left more naturally loose to suit the object we are sculpturing and its different parts. For example in making a little bird – the body of the bird can be made quite compressed and strong, while its tale or wings can be more flowing and soft, allowing these different parts of the bird to be expressed within the level of cultivation. These differences give the figurine depth and arouse our interest.

Condensing on internal levels

As we work, the physical felting process of conditioning affects us internally on different levels, such as on an emotional and energetic level. We collect, focus and “pull-ourselves” together, selecting the correct and desired levels of concentration. Some areas are left free-flowing, while others turn into a defined form, with structure and precise boundaries. Through our hands, the repetitive action penetrates into our body and also goes deeper, working within. We identify with the object and are affected indirectly.

A sharp reminder to be and stay attentive

Even though it is the same action that we repeat again and again, our awareness must be kept at all times, the sharp pointed needle will mercilessly remind us if we get swiped away with thoughts and wonder off. This clear and direct message helps us stay present and attentive. It is an integral part of the work with the felting needle and we can use it for our benefit to remember to stay present.

Indirectly supporting transformation

The small figurine or doll in our hands slowly comes into life; it suddenly begins to have a personality and character. We observe this fascinating manifestation and we can choose to allow the doll to be “as it wishes” or impose personal ideas on it. The more we prick the doll the more defined it gets. Throughout the work, we indirectly and on a small scale, realize what the work of a real spiritual master or the divine creator is. Furthermore we can understand the need for a continuous work, which may be repetitive and even painful, in order to enable true transformation to occur.

Garden Fairy Felted Doll

The Air Element- “Airy-Fairy”

In general the felt material is associated with the air element of the five basic elements that compose the manifested world. It is not by coincidence that we are naturally drawn to make fairies, angels and other magical “airy” creatures form felt. We are also likely to want to hang our felt creation in the air and let it move with the wind. Working with felt is a beautiful and delightful way to understand and connect to the air element through creativity.


Felting classes and retreats.

In our center felting as well as other art classes are taught and practiced as Meditative Art. We express our creativity in a way that supports spiritual work. In general all Meditative Art class are a part of a spiritual practice, this means that if someone is learning felting as Meditative Art they will also be practicing some form of meditation.

During our felting classes we will start by felting simple objects such as a ball, before moving on to felting dolls, animals, mobiles and others. We will also learn how to felt a picture or make a sign. Furthermore we will combine our work with other natural materials such as wood, stone, dry flowers, leaves, twigs and many more.

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