Yogic Food & Sleep


“My children, eat to live; sleep to awake”


Self discipline, with respect to food and sleep, is not only important for our general wellbeing; it is also an essential matter when it comes to the life of a spiritual aspirant.


The right direction

Initially, it may be difficult to develop positive habits – to avoid certain foods and to maintain a healthy diet at a disciplined schedule. Yet, with time and practice, and especially with dedicated intention, we develop sensitivity and grow willpower. We may even discover that we simply don’t want to eat foods that are not nutritious, wholesome and fresh. After recognizing their effect on us, they lose their appeal and even repulse us.

Furthermore, we naturally notice that we are more drawn towards people, places and activities that have a positive effect upon us. After  initially putting forth much effort, it is no longer required.


Supportive Habits & Lifestyle

It is like pushing something along a river flow- at first, we need to give it a push; but, from thereon, it flows naturally and effortlessly.

As we learn and experience the value of nourishing our body and mind, we begin to enjoy making our own food and caring for ourselves in different ways. We naturally require less sleep and prefer to be in peaceful and supportive environments.

We dedicate our time to practice which fills us with plenty of energy and helps us avoid laziness or negativity.


Traditional Yogic balanced diet – Mitahar

Classical Hatha Yoga text books give detailed guidelines to a balanced diet that can facilitate yogic practices. These guidelines work together with individual personalities and body constitutions. For example, the food we consume – its quantity and quality – as well as other daily activities, must be balanced and in reference to our individual body, lifestyle and so forth.

Above all, the basic understating is, that which may be healthy and supportive for one person, can be incorrect for another; this depends on the individual and specific situation.


Making it work

There are endless beautiful and wise methods and approaches to a healthy and balanced diet.

As spiritual seekers, let us not get lost in any rules and dogmas; but, rather, find a system that works with our own needs – and stick to it. Our physical body can work as a campus, showing us clearly the way to align ourselves with that which is good and supportive for us.  

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