Karma Yoga

 “Spiritual practice without Karma Yoga is like building a house with no doors or windows“

Amritaanada Mayi


“If we see selfless service as an integral part of spirituality, important and supportive, then we will give this practice its traditional and significant place in a seeker’s life. This practice becomes a regular part of what we do, just as we take care of our body: we shower, brush our teeth and eat, we also serve selflessly. By this practice we help others while helping ourselves. We can directly realize how each action we do can effect and support our inner growth.


Traditional practice

Karma Yoga the “discipline of action” is based on the traditional teachings of the Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita. Of the different paths for self-realization described by lord Krishna in the text, karma yoga is the science of achieving perfection through action.

The Sanskrit word “karma” can be translated in more the one way. It can mean action or deed, but it can also refer to the Hindu term used to explain reincarnation and one’s particular fate.

In this line of thought it is believed that each person is born with certain tendencies (Sanskaras), from previous lives, which need to be exhausted and therefore were the course for their current birth. This process, which is believed to be going on for thousands of lifetimes, continues until the individual attains liberation. Upon self-realization new karma is no longer crated and the old karma can exhaust, which will stop further rebirth.

From the newly released book: Meditative Art – Theory & Practice

Why do we as meditative artists practice karma yoga?

Performing karma yoga is doing an act without being attached to it’s the fruits of or result. One acts as a matter of duty, for the practice of selflessness alone not in hope to achieve or receives anything. As it is stated in the scriptures: “by working without attachment one attains the Supreme” (Bhagvad Gita).

Selfless act is a humble act; it arises out of surrender or devotion, pure humanitarian love or as an attempt to dissolve one’s negative tendencies.

This easy practice can perform by anyone and it is extremely recommended and beneficial for all sincere seekers.

As meditative artists we learn to let go of all expectation or result of our actions, we perform our practices out of spiritual thirst. We use karma yoga as a supportive tool to us and to our progress on the path.

Into actions

Meditative Art School gives karma yoga great importance and encourages this practice as a regular part of a meditative artist’s schedule. If you wish to offer your assistance to our work please get in touch. info@meditativeartschool.com

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