Yoga Nidra – Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation or yoga Nidra is more then simply time dedicated to relax and unwind. Yoga Nidra is a traditional practice designed to facilitate the spiritual seeker’s progress. This Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) term latterly means “yogic sleep”, it is a traditional part of the yogic path.

This term was first defined by Adya Sankaracharya as follows:

“When mind has transcended maya (delusion), when ego has become static, when senses are no more functioning, and when all communication between the mind and the senses has been cut, when I and you no longer exist for a period of time Yoga Nidra starts.”

A more modern explanation to this practice was given by the well-known yogi Swami Sivananda from Rishikesh. He declared that yoga Nidra is “a state of mind between wakefulness and dream that opened deep phases of the mind”.

Why do we as meditative artiest practice relaxation too?

We find it important, especially in this day and age of worldwide stress, to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to practice surrender. At times, when deep relaxation is not given impotence, one can easily find them self “using” other times of the day for this purpose. For example a person that is not resting enough may start to “use” their meditation time or the yoga sessions for this need.

When our daily schedule provides time for us to tend to our different needs we have a clear focus and understanding of what we need to do, when and why. This helps us to set out priorities straight and use our practice time effectively. If we get confused with the different practices– which each has a different purpose, we can easily loose our focus and dedication, making it difficult for us to grow and utilize our energy.


In the modern world

Although today there is a strong current need for relaxation (that will only grow if we look at the current direction the world is heading), we as true spiritual seekers must remain dedicated to our practice and to our goal. This means that even though we will be a pulled to use this time therapeutically this is not its essence. Yoga Nidra which is simply translated as deep relaxation is not a theory but a spiritual practice. As people of the modern world we can use this practice as a means to a  void stress est., but we mustn’t forget what it was originally meant for which is spiritual progress.


In our school

Guided, accompanied by music or silent, these sessions help us not only to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind, but also to reach deep inner states of being. We will learn to surrender and be still, withdraw and remain quiet vet attentive.

In Yoga Nidra classes, we creatively enriching the practice with guidance, specific relaxation methods and with the use music, both live and recorded.

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Skype Yoga

Aside from teaching yoga, yoga nidra and meditation as an integral part of our Meditative Art workshops, we offer Yoga classes via Skype. 1-on-1 Yoga and Yoga Therapy sessions that take place at your home, at a time that is suitable for you. The classes  are adjusted to your individual needs, and they are suitable for each and every one.


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