Permaculture & Yoga

Permaculture and Yoga are two different practices and ways of life. Both aspire for harmony- inner or personal harmony, as well as harmony with the surroundings. It is not a coincidence that both these fields are highly popular in this modern day and age, as the current need for harmony is only growing stronger. Looking at the direction of where things are going worldwide, this interest and thirst will only increase.

The need to connect with nature, to touch the earth, the need for clean fresh air, to know how to breath deeply, how to develop and sustain a peaceful life, are the main motivations that draw people around the globe to both these inspiring  fields.

Yoga and Permaculture are not only similar in many of their aims and ideals, but they also complement each other beautifully.


Complementary Practices

Learning how to utilize our body for inner growth and how to work with the universal wisdom of nature are the key aims in the practice of Yoga or Permaculture. Collaborating these two, we integrate the outer surroundings and our physical body with our inner intentions.

To do physical work, we need a strong and healthy body, flexible and energetic. Similarly, to live Yoga-not as a concept of theory, but as a real life of union– we need to be dedicated to our spiritual path, we need to touch the earth with our hands, walk on it with our bare feet, and eat organic food that is grown with care and love- love for the land, our divine Mother.

Both Yoga and Permaculture teach us that we can live our lives trying to control and manipulate our body, other people, our surroundings and nature, or we can choose to live motivated by love, a continuous learning process, enjoying and cooperating with the endless wisdom that is continuously reaching out to us, teaching and inviting us to join its beauty.

If we choose to see this manifested world as a playground that the Divine created for its beloved children, for their inner growth, we live with respect and deep reverence to everything that is within this fascinating and magnificent playground. We can also understand that all that is here, all around us, has been intentionally made available for our growth and development.

Living with awareness begins the willingness to change. It also begins with a feeling of humble gratitude, pure and innocent curiosity, as well as a real effort for beauty and harmony.


Learning to look to nature and learning from nature

In order to learn from nature, we need to be open, available and interested. We need to learn what it is that we see when we look, what is it that we hear when we listen. We must develop sensitivity and cultivate respect for all creations, and to the wisdom that created and sustains them all.

To learn from nature, we need to be humble, patient and in-tune. We need to create or find a quiet space within us, where we can listen from and comprehend what it is that we hear. However, have no doubt, nature or the Divine, is continuously talking, and yet at the same time, silent. This endless wisdom of creation longs for us to come and join the song and dance of this amazing creation.  


Now What?

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